Something like a frUK fanfic part 2

(I do not own hetalia warning: capitals and human names used,a bit of m-preg)

"PIERRE GET THE BLOODY HELL DOWN HERE!!!!" grayson shouted curled in a ball on the couch,careful of the bulge in his belly. He wore flannel PJ pants with the British flag all over them with one of Pierre's bigger black shirts,which had a few holes in it.Pierre walked downstairs,since he had to change into his PJ's which involved flannel pants with French flags all over them and a red white and blue shirt. He yawned,tired from the long day."wii?" "Do I look fat?" Grayson asked,pouting cutely."no of course not...." Pierre said holding the Brit in his lap."but.....I don't think I should be this big for 8 months......I should be big but not THIS big..... feels like there's more kicking then there should be for 1 person....." he said,glancing up at Paris."vait.....chu mean......" "yes Pierre,twins...." "UGH!!!!! DAMN MY SPERM!!!!" Pierre shouted facepalming. "WHAT'RE YOU SAYING PIERRE!?! YOU DON'T WANNA HAVE KIDS WITH ME!?!" grayson shouted,tears streaming down his cheeks."who said zat grayson?" Pierre said holding the smaller boy."ow ow ow!!!! Lighten up wanka!!!" Grayson shouted,squirming to get comfy."sorry....a-anyway what're we going to name them?" "I wanna name one Duncan....." grayson said,blushing as he cuddled into Pierre's chest."wii and the other we'll call Noah!!!" Paris said,stroking the boy's hair."mmmm cute.....I'm hungry make me something!!!!" Grayson whined,hitting Pierre's chest."hey hey hey knock it off chull ruin my shirt!!!" He said grabbing the smaller boy's wrists to make him stop."meh!!! You're mean!!!!" Grayson whined again,pouting cutely."honhonhon,keep being mad I'll show you ze Eiffel tower....." Pierre said smirking seductively. Grayson blushed."p-paris......" he blushed more as Paris nibbled on his ear."h-hey the doctor said it's not good for the kids!!!" "Shhhhh...." Pierre shushed the smaller man,kissing him on the lips. He slipped his tounge into London's mouth.


Warsaw walked down the hall with Vilnius (A/N: Vilnius= capital of Lithuania,human name: Dain) "so then she was all lik-" "OH GOD PARIS MORE!!!!" "GRRR I CAN'T IT'S TOO TIGHT!!!! IF I PUSH IT IN ANYMORE IT'LL BREAK!!!!" "GODDAMMIT PIERRE LISTEN TO ME BEFORE I TEAR OFF YOUR BLOODY HEAD!!!!" Cybor and Dain looked at each other."broski,ve like totally need to spread ze word about this!!!" Warsaw said taking his friend's wrist and running."agh!!! S-sure just not at Moscow's house Cybor....." "if Moscow even tries to touch you I'll totally rip his balls off Dain...."

"See Pierre was that so damn hard?"
"Uh kinda is....when you don't" Pierre panted."oh shut up it was a freakin crib you lazy wanka...." "babe......did you piss your pants?" Pierre asked nervously."!!! PIERRE!!" Pierre sighed. "I need some wine....."

(A/N: chu know where that heads ^3^ hi baby Duncan and Noah!!! *laughs* okaaaayyyyy I think I'll do Seoul x Tokyo next :3 hasta la pasta!!! ^3^)