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Article by riehlemarie posted over a year ago
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Once there lived a normal middle school girl, or so she thought.She had long brown hair, her eyes were green with a hint of blue. Her name is Elizabeth. Elizabeth's mother, Rebecca, was a blonde with blue eyes. Elizabeth knew where the hint of blue in her eyes came from but she didn't know how she had green in her eyes. Every now and then Elizabeth pondered about it.

So, Elizabeth asked her mother, Rebecca, Rebecca told Elizabeth that Elizabeth looked more like her father than herself. Rebecca said to Elizabeth," Lizzie," [Elizabeth's nickname] "your daddy left you and mommy for someone different." Rebecca didn't want Elizabeth to know that Elizabeth was a princess, and that she was the queen of England. When Elizabeth was born Rebecca ran away from England and went to America to raise Elizabeth away from all of the servents, butlers, and people like that. She didn't want Elizabeth to be raised knowing nothing of the otuside of the castle.

When Rebecca ran away from the castle she had a really hard time. She had to earn money to buy two tickets and not trying to be found by the castle or her people. When she finally had enough money to buy two...
Fan fiction by natle123tmm posted over a year ago
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Alright. In this fan fiction you are a teenager~ This is just a one shot that I made on my iPod at like 3 in the morning so I have no idea what's going to happen myself. Sit back relax and enjoy~
I was sitting by the river, doing nothing, all I wanted was to get away from my usually violent dad and stressed mom.. I was frightened easily, so once I heard a groan from beneath the bushes behind me I totally freaked! Looking past the bushes there I saw a shoulder length, blond haired boy about a few years older than me. I was still scared but he looked hurt. "what are you doing there?" I asked him. "ow. huh? What? Oh, I'm just resting here for awhile." He looked about 2 years older which meant that he was probably 17. "Are you all right? I'll get some help" I turned quickly about to call to passersby. But then I felt a tug on my coat. It was the boy. He had a finger over his mouth and said sshh. "but-" I continued. But before I could finish he had pulled me closer so that I was in his lap. His left arm squeezed my chest as he closed my mouth and tugged me closer. Footsteps could be heard coming our way. I was uncomfortable in this position, I heard some boys talking too. I...
Opinion by natle123tmm posted over a year ago
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One-Shot. Nuff said.

Your Just strolling the city after a hard days work. Avoiding strangers and especially Love. Or as your friend Francis would say... Amour~

As you enter your apartment, there Francis is.
" Haven't I told you NOT to go into my apartment with out my permission?" you say as you place your jacket down on the plush couch

"Oui, but do I listen? Non." said france grabbing your chin. You pull away. You still don't want to let Francis in your romance zone, which is, BTW empty. -.-

"why do you reject me?" he asks. You were friends with him and "the bad tough trio" as he would call it, in high school. As you grew up, he got an apartment near you and acts "as friendly as a lover", as the landlady says.

"because....", You can't say it.. You realized this but, can't bring yourself to say you love him.

"because what?" he grabs your waist. Your surprised. as he never did this before and your heart is pounding hard.