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Fan fiction by russiaxchina2 posted over a year ago
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China and South Korea grew silent once they heard a familiar voice call through the bushes “do…*hic* do I’m gonna kirr England but not *hic* Russia! *hic* because he is *hic* soooo nice!!! *hic* in fact I just killed England be-*hic* because he is a b-itch!” Japan meowed stumbling through the bushes running right into China and South Korea “oh hey you *hic* guys!” Japan meowed quickly leaping up on his paws. “Uhh…are you drunk or are you hanging out with France again aru?” China meowed instantly Japan slashed China across the face and hissed “I AM THE AWESOME ONE B-ITCH!!!” instantly China opened his eyes in shock “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST CALL ME ARU!? YOU MUST STOP HANGING OUT WITH FRANCE!” yet Japan laughed and meowed “what are you getting angry for? B-itch?” “oh now it’s on” China hissed walking forward. “Yea!!! Come on Anki! Teach Japan a lesson!!” South Korea yowled with excitement “shut up! I’m busy” China hissed then he instantly turned to Japan and meowed “I’m sorry Japan but I’m going to have to beat you…it’s you who made me do this so yea I’m sorry but I’m only doing this because you are acting...