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Fan fiction by russiaxchina posted over a year ago
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Poland lay underneath Lithuania panting, he really liked this sastifastion that Lithuania seemed to be giving him both with little idea
that celiling Russia was watching Liet thrust it in going faster and faster with ease once Poland moaned these commanads but not going rough or hard a bit. Lithuania breathed out blushing then he decied to go hard and thrusted it in hard this time making Poland scream in pain and quickly lift his body up then relax "like...w-what did i like tell....you like....g-g-going hard?" Poland
said weakly opening one of his eyes and looking at
Liet, he then sighed tiredly and whispered weakly
"acctually I think that soft is like toatlly
last week". Lithuania smirked "well at least you agree-" suddenly he was cut off as Poland instantly screamed "HARDER!!! FASTER!!!! like I
don't have all night!" then Lithuania obeyed his commands and did as he was told causing Poland to
pant and release slow weak wails from his mouth
Fan fiction by russiaxchina posted over a year ago
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Poland sighed contently, HE. WAS. BORED. then he rolled over sighing again "what's wrong Poland?" Lithuania asked looking down at him. "Oh like nothings wrong, it just that i'm like, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TOATLLY BORED" Poland said then he sighed again "you know i can take you to that field that we were before...where...you..did that...you know....THING..." Lithuania said smiling instantly Poland sat up and placed his hands on Liet's cheeks "well...i was like..." then Poland began to move his head forward slowly, blushing. "Thinking of...like...a.....k-kiss" Poland sutddered then his lips touched Liet's lips making Lithuania's eyes widen with shock then they closed half way soon Liet's eyes were closed completely and he, too, was blushing along with Poland then Lithuania began to tongue kiss Poland but once he did Poland pulled away leaving a thin lithe silver line of connected slobber "wow that was like...a pretty passionte kiss Liet, like, should we go a bit further then like a kiss?" Poland asked swiping the drool that was trickling from the side of his mouth away. Lithuania's and Poland's blushes grew a darker red as they stared at...
Fan fiction by russiaxchina posted over a year ago
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Liet: um...poland why are you staring at my shirt?
Poland: *begins to sing* let me borrow that top let me borrow that top let me borrow that top i want to borrow that top
Liet: *confused face* eh...what poland?
Poland: *grabs Liet's shirt* that's such a cute top! that's such a cute top! i wanna borrow it let me borrow the top
Liet: *sighs and face plants*
Poland: aren't we friends? aren't we friends? so what's the problem? let me borrow the top
Liet: ugh..no thank you Poland i don't want you to borrow my top
Poland: let me borrow that top let me borrow that top let me borrow that top LET ME BORROW THAT FUCKING TOP!!!
Liet: Poland what the!?
Poland: *puts fist in air and begins to spins fist while moving body forward*
Liet: POLAND!!!! what's wrong with you today!?
Poland: don't be a bitch! don't be a bitch! don't be a bitch! gimmie that top! *begins to pull Liet's shirt*
Poland: what are you saving it for? your not even wearing it *snickers* your not going to wear it so let me borrow it