Poland lay underneath Lithuania panting, he really liked this sastifastion that Lithuania seemed to be giving him both with little idea
that celiling Russia was watching Liet thrust it in going faster and faster with ease once Poland moaned these commanads but not going rough or hard a bit. Lithuania breathed out blushing then he decied to go hard and thrusted it in hard this time making Poland scream in pain and quickly lift his body up then relax "like...w-what did i like tell....you like....g-g-going hard?" Poland
said weakly opening one of his eyes and looking at
Liet, he then sighed tiredly and whispered weakly
"acctually I think that soft is like toatlly
last week". Lithuania smirked "well at least you agree-" suddenly he was cut off as Poland instantly screamed "HARDER!!! FASTER!!!! like I
don't have all night!" then Lithuania obeyed his commands and did as he was told causing Poland to
pant and release slow weak wails from his mouth
then Liet bent down and nipped Poland on the ear
and rolled him over to kiss him again but stopped
once he looked at Poland's face that was filled
with tears and sweat was running down his whole body "l-like what are...you like wating for?...
like kiss me" he said weakly instantly Lithuania
kissed him passiontaily drawing much slobber and
drool as he could from his own tongue to drench
Poland's tongue in. Soon Liet drew himself back
from Poland a thin, glowing, wet, silver line
of his and Poland's drool and slobber following instantly Poland sat up and nuzzled his nose in
Lithuania's hair smiling happily "like i toatlly
want to do this like every single night until
I like get pregnat with you baby" Poland said
happily making Lithuania blush.