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musicgirl86 posted on Apr 12, 2012 at 11:45PM
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Favorite food:
Favorite song:


Name: Madison Kohler/ Lunaai Beilschmidt
Age: Appears 17/ Appears 11
Height: 5'3"/ 4'7"
Weight: 109 lbs/ 102 lbs
Crush: random/random
Allies: America, Japan, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Sealand, Latvia, England, Ireland((North and South)), Scotland, China, Denmark, Hungary, Prussia, Austria,Lunaai, and Spain./ America, Japan, Germany,, Sealand, Latvia, England, Scotland, China, Hungary, Denmark, Prussia, Austria, Greenland, and Spain.
Enimies: Everyone else/Everyone else
Country/State: Greenland/ A female Prussia.
Hair Color: dirty blonde/silver
Eye Color: Blue/Blue
Favorite food: pocky((she spends to much time with Japan -_- ))/ Pixie Sticks!!!!
Companion: a cat named Comet/a bird named Tweet.
Favorite song: link / link
Personality: Funny, sarcastic, split personality, mean, loving, caring, nice, sweet, evil, scary./Sweet, funny, loveable, shy, quiet, adorable, cute, and creepy sometimes.
Hobby: Singing/drawing
Sport:soccer/ice skating.
Talent:Singing/ Ice skating and drawing.

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
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over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Germany: *sweatdrops*

Lunaai: Yes, yes I am!

Greenland: *turns red*w-wh-what?!

England: *sips tea*
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
Prussia: Come on! Bring it I can take both of ya on~

Romano: GAHHHHHH!- chokes spain-

Spain: aghhhhh!!! romano!!

Lux: '3'

Italy: =w=~
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Lunaai: But thats not fair, I'm a little girl!

Greenland: *blushing*

England: this isn't good

Germany: the best we could do is ignore it.
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
Prussia: ... Fine just Germany! ((lux wants england pudding~))

Lux: When is anything good here?! I mean really we do the same sh*t everyday!

Romano: Die!! -chokes-

Spain: OoO GAHHH!!! -is choked-
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Germany:...what? ((okie dokie xD))

England: *sips tea*I'm not sure Lux, it's the same thing everyday.

Greenland: *facepalms*don't kill him over it calm yourself.

England: *sweatdrops*
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
Lux: -twitch- Wat...were we doing here anyway

Spain: S-Si!!

Romano: fine -lets go-

Prussia: imma beat you up!
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
England: *facepalms*

Germany: WHAT DID I DO?!?!?!

Greenland: *sweatdrops*

Lunaai: Don't bruder!!!
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over a year ago luckystar247 said…
Prussia: no clue ^^

lux: -twitch-

Romano: -pouts-

Spain: -gasp for breath-
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Lunaai: *starts attemting to hit Prussia*

Germany: *facepalms*idiots

Greenland: *pats Romano's head*

England: Lux would you care for some tea?
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
Lux: hahha yes!!!

Prussia: -uses awesome glare-

Romano: huh?

Spain: ...no love for me?
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Lunaai: TT^TT Why must I be so small

Greenland: *sweatdrops and pats Spains head too*

England: *smiles and hands her some tea*here you are love

Germany: *sweatdrops*madness...........
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
Prussia: Smallness is cute~

Spain: yayy~

Romano: you were petting me

Lux: -takes tea an drink it- ITs yummy thankyou~

Italy: Ve~ no Germany this i-

Lux: If you say this is pasta, Ill kick your ass
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Lunaai:.....maybe to you.......

Greenland: *sweatdrops and takes hand off*what ever.

Germany: do not say pasta

England: all he ever thinks of is pasta

Russia: klokloklokloklokloklok
over a year ago luckystar247 said…

Lux: thats it!!!! -tackles italy-


Romano: .............I liked it -pouts-

Spain:............aww me too -pouts-

Prussia: yupp whch is more important ^^ cause I am awesome
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Lunaai: *sweatdrops*suure

England: *facepalms*wow


Russia: *smiles*
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
Prussia: IM AWESOME!!!!!! -does pose-

Lux: -pushes his face to the ground, on his back,- Stop. -pound- Saying. That.-pound- word!

Italy: owie!!~ ve~

Romano: -blushes-

Spain: hahahah~ He looks like a tomato!~~
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Lunaai: keep telling yourself that

England: Gahh! Calm down Lux!

Greenland: *sweatdrops*

Germany: *sweatdrops*
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
Prussia: I AM!!!!!!

Lux: -twitch- Just.showing.the.love -evil look-

Italy: V-Ve~ I feel so loved =^=~


Spain: ^^
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Lunaai: uh huh sure

England: *shaking slightly*ok then......

Germany: Are you two ok?

Greenland: Are you ok Lux?Italy?
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
prussia: TT^TT

lux & italy: WERE FINE!!

romano: O_O

Spain: e-ehhh?
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Greenland: O_O*backs up*

England: does this happen often?

Germany: I think so

Lunaai: don't cry!
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
prussia:am I awesome?

Romano:....I-It only hpens when

Spain: were out of pasta


Italy: OUT OF

both: PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Lunaai:.......only if I am...

Germany: You both are!!

Greenland: *reads*

England: O_O....over....pasta???
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
Prussia: -nods- yeah!!

Lux & Italy: YEAH!!

romano;.......they love pasta

spain: alot

over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Lunaai: YEAH!

Germany: Obviously

England: *nods*I can tell

Greenland: that's ridiculous!
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
lux:......What the hell

Italy: did you just say?


Sain: O_O

prussia: hahahahahahhahahah
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Greenland: uhhh*hides behinde Romano ad Spain*save me!

England: O_O....

Lunaai: I'm awesome B)

Germany: calm down you two
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
lux: Fu -glares-

Italy: ve -glares-

Romano: we warned you

Spain: si

Prussia: Yes mein little sis
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Lunaai: B) Hahaha

Greenland: DX So you're not gonna?!

England: *sweatdrops*this can't be good

Germany: *facepalms*idiots
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
Italy: Why would they~

Lux: help~ would you boys? -smirks-

Spain & Romano: -in corner shakeing- N-NO!!

Prussia: B) ..............vhat the hell is goin on with those two -points to lux and italy-

Italy & Lux: NOTHING~

Prussia: '3'
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Greenland; T_T that's it b**ch *flips her on to her back*don't mess with me

England: O_O

Germany: oh sh**

FInland: uh oh

Denmark: -_- world war 3

Lunaai: is about to start O_O
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
(XDDD so this is how it started??XDD))

Lux: big mistake~ -grabs her wrists flipping her over lux landing on top of her-

Italy: ve~

Spain & Romano: -shaking-

Prussia:..........This should be fun...

over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
((O_O Sh**))

Greenland: *grabs her neck and lays the other away coming face to face with Lux*.....O//////O ermm....s-sorry*laying like in the picture but one of them is upside down*

Germany: O_O

England; GAHH *nosebleed*

Finland; aww ^^moi moi

France: honhonhon

LunaaI: hahaha Yuri ^^

Hungary: Yuri
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((O_O Sh**))

Greenland: *grabs her neck and lays the other away coming face to face with Lux*.....
over a year ago Vocaloid_Kaito said…
lux: hehehe~ Never knew you were like that Greenland~ -leans close smirking-

Romano: O_O

Italy: ^//^ ve

Spain: GAHH -nosebleed-

Prussia: -nosebleed- MEIN GOTT~!!

America:.......I-I was just passing by but this is awesome~!!!!
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Greenland: ehh, w-wh-wha-what a-a-ar-are y-yo-you t-ta-tal-talk-talki-talkin-talking a-ab-abo-abou-about?*blushes*

Lunaai: *watching*

England: *watching*

Hungary: *covers Lunaai's eyes*not appropriote for your age.

Germany: ja~ O_O*nosebleed*

FInland: *nosebleed*^^
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over a year ago Vocaloid_Kaito said…
lux: -traces cheek, brushing hair back- Your so slow~ my little greenland -blows air on neck-

Italy: V-Ve!! -tries not to watch blushing-

Prussia: -watches while nose is bleed-

Spain: -passes out-

Romano: .O_O ..-watches-

America: -wacthes- O_O
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Greenland: *stiffens*h-he-hey w-wh-wha-what a-ar-are y-yo-you d-do-doi-doin-doing?!

England: talk about a soap opera

Germany: Only this time

Hungary: it's a thousand times more

Finland: ^^ entertaining

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over a year ago Vocaloid_Kaito said…
Italy: will she do it ve~ -blushes-

Prussia: MEIN GOTT -passes out from blood loss-

Romano: O_O

America: Come on!!

Lux: chuu~ -kisses then pulls away- -fu~ ^^

Spain: -passed out-
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over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Greenland; *blushes*O////////O.........*flips her over and pulls her arm back*DON'T FU**ING DO THAT*pulls harder*DA**IT!

Germany: O_O

Denmark: O_O.....

Finland: ^^*faints*

Lunaai: DX*pouts*

Hungary: O_O

Russia: kloklokloklo

England; and she ruined it -_-

Sealand: O_O.....

mexico: si~

Wy: O_O......

Australia: O_O...

Taiwan: O_O...

Japan: O_O..

Canada: O_O....
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
lux: >///< OWWW!!! -sruggles- COME ON!!! ...........hoonon~ you like it like that ehhh Greenland~ <3 ;3........

Prussia: -passed out-

Spain: -passed out-

Romano: @/(O_O)

Italy: (=O=)\@

china: -passed out-

France: honohnoon


sweden; -////-

belgium: =w=

Holland: O_O

America: O_O

Lithuania: O_O

Poland: liek wow

estonia: O_O

south korea: AWESOME

Northkorea: O_O
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Greenland: *cries*YOU'RE SUCH AN A** *emo corner*

England: here we go again

Germany: *nods*ja~

Prussia: -_- ruined the moment

Sealand: -_-

Finland: ^^ always

Japan: hai.......

Canada: *nods*

Mexico: Si~

Russia: da~


Hungary: no~

Taiwan: ^^;

Australia: O_O

Wy: how old is that kid?

Lunaai: DX I'm 11!!!!
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
lux: hahahah~ ^^ that was fun~ aww come on don't cry greenland ~

Norway:.......Don't cry

Ice: over a ruined yuri moment~

sweden: -_-

Prussia: -wakes up- This is my mini me -pats lunaii on the back-

romano : @/( '_' )

Italy: (=w=)\@

China: -passed out-

France: oh wow~


belgium: ^^

Holland: .........-smokes-

America: dude

Lithuania: ^^ heheheeh

Poland: liek -_- what


south korea: we need more yuri

Northkorea: ......

spain: si
over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
Greenland: *cries*b-bu-but

England: *irk*

Germany: *irk*

Prussia: *pulls Lux close*you could have more fun with me

Sealand: O_O

Finland: ^^;

Japan: O_O eh

Canada: O_O

Lunaai: '3'
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
norway: Don't

Ice: Cry

Denmark: Ja

Lux:....... '3' ~ .....How did I see that comeing.......((-looks at creator revenge shall be sweet-))

Italy : ve~


Spain: ehh?

France: ohonoohno


Russia: ^J^


South korea: '3'

north Korea: -_-
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over a year ago musicgirl86 said…
((......sh*.* I'm screwed now -_-.....hehee it's official, Greenland and lunaai do not belong to anyone B) ahahaa they go with ze flow))

Greenland: *sniffles*

England: *irk* I don't know about you but she could have way more fun with me >.>

Germany: *irk* I doubt it you Brit

Prussia: B) hahaha but we'd be an awesome couple


Finland: ^^;but we'd be cute

Canada:^^; hahaha

Lunaai: ja~
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
(( -w-............hmm~))

Italy: -hugs lunaai- ve~ can I have her

Romano: -wraps arms around greenland- Ehh~ what of us?~

France: oui~ lunaai is cute

Lux: .V//////////V

China: uhhhh aru

Russia: Da~




over a year ago APH_Romania said…
((XD Lunaai is cute))

Lunaai: B) I'm not cute, I'm adorably awesome*hugs Prussia*Kesesesesese

Germany: -_- dear lord

Greenland: *lays head back to see who grabbed her*

Germany: But still

Prussia: Kesesesesese Lux and Lunaai are mine B) so back the fu** off

England: No way Lux shall be mine

Lunaai: B) She'll be ours some day


Finland: Nu uh she's with me!
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over a year ago luckystar247 said…
Lux: V/////////////////V fu~

Italy: What no Bella Greenland can I have you then?~ ve

Romano :SHE'S MINE!!! -blushes-

Russia: MINE DA


France: MINE!!!


Norway: Mine

ICe: mine
(( I KNOW!!))
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over a year ago APH_Romania said…

Greenland: -_- well sh** -_- I'm not gonna pick one of ya cause you beg

England: good point

Prussia: B) kesesee

Lunaai: B) kesesese beggers

Finland: can't be

Denmark: Choosers

Germany: ja
over a year ago luckystar247 said…
Norway: -_-

Ice: -_-

Sweden: -_-

China: aru


Russia: ^J^

America: ehh

Italy: ehh

Romano: : ehh