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Guide by XxXLolaXxX posted over a year ago
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Please, just read it.

1. DON'T GET TOO AHEAS OF YOURSELF! Remember, we RolePlay as states. There is not a boss. There are bosses. We cannot get too indepenant here.
2. Don't be shy. I think we all know, there will be shipping, couples, sub-forums, and ect.
3. KEEP IT TO A LIMEAT. ^^^^I said don't be shy, be don't be a whore either.
4. Do not, I repeat, [b]DO NOT[/i], be an atention whore. No one wants it, no one needs it.
5. There is a difference between comedy, random, and stupid.
6. Respect others.
7. Don't ingore people.
8. No death, killing, injury, unless it is a historical fact. Remember our Hero.

Guide by SheWolf11 posted over a year ago
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State: Florida
Human Name: Enrique Manuel
Age: 18
Languages: English and Spanish
Favorite Food: Oranges
Pet: Panther
Birthday: March 3rd (day he became a state) State Number: 27

State Characteristics: Florida is a young man that is known for his sunshine and many theme parks! He is also known for his wondrous Everglades and he is also shrouded in mystery, because he is said to have the Fountain of Youth! He knows many useful and ancient techniques, used by the Native Americans that used to roam in his land years ago. He is part Puerto Rican, French, Spaniard, and British. He loves going to the beach and is also known for his own, called Miami. He loves oranges and grows the best ones in the world! He is very unpredictable because Florida's climate changes in a very odd way. (Trust me, I've lived here all my life XD) The blonde strands of hair represent sunshine. He's a very warm (literally) and loving person. He welcomes all his visitors with open arms! He is a very popular tourist spot in America! He loves wild animals and marshlands because they remind him of his Everglades. He has a panther named Tecumteh which in Native...
Opinion by Hawaii_APH posted over a year ago
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My Profile

State Name: Hawaii

Capital: Honolulu

Government: Under a Democratic rule.

Language: English and Hawaiian

Human Name: Malalani Pua (her last name is suppose to be Jones, but she decided to keep her old name)

Age: 16, but can look younger due to shortness and slightness.

Hair Color: Deep brown, almost black.

Eye Color: Same as hair.

Height: 5'1 ft
Weight: 112 lb

Body Parts:
Scar over eye-Pearl Harbor
Hibiscus flower in hair- Honululu

Personality: Mature, can be sweet, is not easily angered, unless her enemies are close, considers herself an older sibling to the other states. Can be get nervous around male countries, but is usually composed.

Likes: Her ukelele, hibiscuses, pineapple, dancing, singing, warm weather, lizards, marine life, performing, hosting "parties"for others.

Dislikes: Rudeness, cold weather, tourists (but will entertain them anyway), deciduous trees, being called the "younger state".