Is what MOST anime fans think as they click on the subbed version of their anime of choice. Heck I do it ALL the time. It's just something about the English voices that just rub me the wrong way. Plus sometimes they just COMPLETELY screw up the voices in a way that makes you want to punch the voice-actors in the face. Very few anime's have good English versions.
Hetalia is one of them.
I'm going to make this short and sweet, and as unbiased as possible considering I'm a HUGE Hetalia fan 83. But there are 3 things that make the Funimation English dub of Hetalia WIN.
1. The script is executed perfectly, lines that might have seemed sublime in the Japanese version were expanded into hilarious proportions in the English version.
Example using America;
Japanese version; I hate the cold, winter is the worst(or something along those lines D8)
English version;
Man, Winter can suck on my Jingle bells. (I lol'd)
#2. THE NARRATOR; Oh my Fancy French cheeses this woman is hilarious! Any narrator that just busts out with; Holy crap a talking muffin! Is WIN
Example; Poland used horses durin-Oh wait I'm sorry I'm talking to American fans. Poland is a COUNTRY :D! In Europe!
Le win.
#3. And last but not least THE ACCENTS
Now before you run away and say that the accents messed up their voices think for a moment; THOSE ACCENTS ARE FROM THEIR RESPECTIVE COUNTRY. It adds a sense of realism to the anime that the Japanese version couldn't deliver with ALL the nations ONLY speaking Japanese. And the accents are not even that thick so it's easy to understand what they are saying too. Plus Italy still sounds SO cute xD! And Germany's is VERY fitting.
I hate dubs, with a passion, but the dub for Hetalia is EPIC WIN.This dub has to be one of Funimation's best.
Give it a try, you'll be lolling for hours, I guarantee it.