I walked in Austria's courtyard, broom in hand. Italy would be coming home soon from visiting his brother, Romano, at Spain's house. I thought that might as well start cleaning, so Italy and I could go out to the park.

Austria followed me out, back erect. He raised an eyebrow questioningly at the broom in my hand.

"Why do you have a push broom? It is Italy's job after all!" he scoffed.

I frowned, "I just thought I could do Italy's chores so we could all have a relaxing day today."

He shook his head, "Don't be stupid! It is Italy's job to sweep, and yours to supervise. Do not confuse poor Italy by switching them! Now, if you want to go to the park, wait until Italy finishes the chores." With that, he pivoted on his heel and went inside.

I sighed, placed the broom against the door frame, and sat on a bench. Austria seemed to be getting short tempered as of late. He rarely let me or Italy listen to his piano playing. He said he was strict with Italy to make things easier for me, but it only made things harder.

I slipped the silver ring on my left hand off, and looked at it. The diamond sparkled in the sunlight, but it seemed cold. It didn't seem like the promise of eternal love that it stood for, it seemed like a binding contract. I turned it over and read the inscription, "My Love, My Dear, My Heart". I always wondered where Austria got it, but wherever it was, he most likely did not get it for full price.

To my left I heard a rustling noise. I looked toward the source, and saw my rose bush rustling. I slipped on the ring and cautiously approached the bush. It rustled some more, and I pushed aside a branch and-


I almost laughed when I saw a small yellow bird staring up at me. But something made me feel uneasy. The bird just sat there, staring at me. It didn't fly away, like most birds I find in the flower beds. It just sat there, perfectly at ease, like it knew me.

"G-Gilbird?" I stuttered, my eyes wide. It sounds impossible, but it seemed like it the bird recognized the name.


It stuck out its leg and started wiggling it. I gingerly picked up the bird and saw a note wrapped a around it's leg. I gently untied it, set the bird on the bench, and sat next to it. The note read:

I heard that you are engaged to that cheapskate Austria! I never would have guessed. I want you to meet me tonight at tree where we last saw each other. You don't have to respond in a note. I will be waiting from 8 to 12. We need to talk.
The Awesome Prussia"

I set down the note and felt nauseous. Prussia? Why was Prussia trying to contact me? After all that time? After what we said to each other?

I looked at Gilbird, for it was then obvious that that's who he was, and found him staring at me. I felt chills crawl down my spine.

"Go back to Prussia, Gilbird. I don't have a response for him. Not right now, that is." I rub underneath his beak and watched him fly away.


I smiled, and then my heart filled with dread. What now?