America stood in the middle of his large living room, tapping his foot anxiously. This was the first time that he had decided to allow his states to participate at one of his big blowout parties. Not to mention the first time that most of the nations would ever meet them as states. England knew them as colonies, Spain met them as territories, some of the states were once nations. But one on thing was for sure.
America was keeping France away from them as much as possible.
The states, however, were extremely excited for the party. Some had old caretakers that couldn't wait to reunite, if only for a day. Some wanted to see how many of America's stories were true. Some just wanted to party, maybe get drunk.
Though, of course, those aren't the only reasons.
Virginia came up behind California and Hawaii, who were debating on whether or not they should line red, white, and blue bunting along the wall, yelling, "Hey little sibs!" Hawaii cringed, making tiny fists with her hands, and gave a strained smile. Hawaii swore that she would never admit that she was younger than the other states, but after years of arguing, she learned to grin and bear it.
California grinned and exclaimed, "Excited for the party Virginia? Aren't you DJing for Dad?" The sun-kissed blonde was bouncing on the balls of her feet. She had never been to a party that had nations.
Virginia smiled slyly. She considered herself the oldest, and was usually seen as such. She loved that most of her siblings looked up to her and her scandalous reputation.
Leaning close, Virginia whispered to her sisters, "I'm excited for sure, but not because of my DJ gig. No, a nation is meeting me at the party, and I think he wants us to, as you younger states would say," Hawaii cringed again, "'go steady'. But of course, you can't tell dad any of this. Unless you want some of your secrets to slip!" She winked at her brunette sister, ruffled California's hair, and strutted off to her turntable.
On the other side of the room, Nevada, Florida, Connecticut,and Texas were setting up the food bar. In hurried whispers, they discussed the big surprise that America had planned for the party.
Nevada chuckled, "Florida, I highly doubt that Dad is forcing the nations to do a sexy pornographic photoshoot!"
Florida stared darkly at her brother, "Why not? Because building a giant casino on the fifth floor makes more sense?"
Connecticut poured a bag of chips into a bowl and whispered to Texas, "More sense then America preforming yoai scenes with other nations." Texas, who was trying not to laugh, winked at his preppy sister and tipped his cowboy hat over his eyes. When Florida started swearing, Texas quickly walked over to where Utah and Louisiana were filling up water balloons.
"Fill 'em up bigger! How you expect countries to get wet if there ain't no water in them!" Louisiana was yelling. Utah crossed her arms and stared at the ground. To most this would seem to be an act of defiance, but the states knew that she was extremely shy.
Louisiana sighed and wrapped her arms around her sister. Texas joined in on the family moment and pulled the two unsuspecting siblings into a bear hug, causing them both to squeak.
Outside Michigan started poking Montana. "Monty. Hey. Hey Monty! Where is it?" Montana set the pool skimmer down and looked crossly at Michigan.
"How exactly do you expect me to know where the party lighter is? Can't we use a regular lighter for the candles and torches?"
Michigan gasped in shock, "The regular lighters? No! This is the summer bash! Its the biggest party other than Christmas and America's birthday! The use of the party lighter is an age-old tradition! We need it! But New York lost it and went to me, the best sleuth around other than Sherlock Holmes, to find it!"
Montana sighed and went back to skimming the large pool. She wasn't in the mood for her sister's detective games. She didn't like these parties in general. "Why not look in a bunch of spare drawers? He probably put it in the wrong one."
Already scribbling down notes, Michigan grinned at the cowgirl, "By Jones, Watson, I think you got it!"
"Don't call me Watson! I'm your sidekick!" Montana yelled. Michigan ran away, holding her detective hat so that it didn't blow away, off to search through the numerous drawers in the house.
"Well, at least I know that my states will try to stay out of trouble!" America said to himself. Content that everything would go as planned, he went to the door, ready to let in his guests.
Some of our family~