A list of all the family/sibling relationships in Hetalia. To adopted and blood related. This is them all.

If I have missed some, please tell me.

America and Canada
America and England
America and France
Canada and France
Canada and England
England and Sealand
England and Seychelles
England and Hong Kong
England and Australia
England and Scotland
England and Roman Empire
England and Germania
France and Seychelles
France and Spain
France and Italy
France and Romano
France and Belgium
France and Monaco
France and Roman Empire
Italy and Romano
Italy and Spain
Italy and Roman Empire
Romano and Spain
Romano and Roman Empire
Russia and Belarus
Russia and Ukraine
Belarus and Ukraine
China and Japan
China and S.Korea
China and Hong Kong
China and Taiwan
China and Thailand
China and Vietnam
Japan and S.Korea
Japan and Hong Kong
Japan and Taiwan
Japan and Thailand
Japan and Vietnam
S.Korea and Hong Kong
S.Korea and Taiwan
S.Korea and Thailand
S.Korea and Vietnam
Hong Kong and Taiwan
Hong Kong and Taiwan
Hong Kong and Thailand
Hong Kong and Vietnam
Taiwan and Thailand
Taiwan and Thailand
Taiwan and Vietnam
Thailand and Vietnam
Switzerland and Liechtenstain
Norway and Iceland
Belgium and Netherlands
Germany and Prussia
Germany and Germania
Prussia and Germania