1. Prussia

i only like him because the way he says stuff and some pictures make him look cool... in others they make him look not as awesome as he rally is... sometimes fan art make him look cute to though ^w^

2. Norway

i only like him because ppl keep on telling me he's cute, handsome, and SUPER ADORABLE U WANT TO MARRY HIM O,O and i got annoyed but i still love him X3

3. Iceland

Hes cute i like him X3 i kinda had a crush on him in my mind but on comments on stuff ppl keep on saying he's "there baby" or he's "theres" or they might of keep saying "they have a crush on them more than anyone else O,O" or something like that... it made me angry so i ended up not liking him much...

4. a tie between Poland and Switzerland

i don't know who to choose actually O,O sometimes i think about Poland and sometimes i think about Switzerland O,O the true thing is i don't like how ppl keep saying stuff like "I LOVE POLAND" or "I WANNA MARRY POLAND" that stuff is not what i'm saying someone else says that stuff O,O but i'm glad how not that much of ppl have a crush on Switzy so maybe i will take him X3 don't start saying u have a crush on them in the comments O,O I'm sorry...