(Waring: These are just how I feel about the Hetalia fandom, So Please don't take this seriously! also sorry for my English, I do speak English but my English is pretty bad when I type on a keyboard..)

Now listen, there's some stuff i like in the APH fandom (Like Au's, reader inserts, ect) but I hate in the "Yaoiness" of the fandom. don't get me wrong, I respect peoples opinions on pairings or ship the characters together. if you like yaoi, that's cool, we both like different things. in anime, movies, games, ect. but not all of us like yaoi in things. but PLEASE! don't try to shove your ships down peoples throats your try force to make people to ship the characters together. like what i said we both have different likings to some things we both like/not like.

1. Please to bashing on the female nations in Hetalia they did nothing wrong. and also, they are NOT in the way of your "precious Yaoi". Seychelles probably gets a a lot of hate probably because of the Hetalia Gueken Dating Game because in the game shes the character you play as and shipped with everyone. as me myself, I love Seychelles shes adorable and such a cinnamon roll. and also, please stop calling the girls a mary sues, whores or sluts, ect. that's pretty much sexist because you are calling the girls a Whores/sluts? so for the love of God just STOP!

2. I have seen people calling Frace a rapist, Spain a pedophile, ect. first of, France is NOT a rapist! he said in a episode that "Love isn't that should be forced." (I think?) people just to seen to forget that a lot. also, Spain is NOT a pedophile! he is not sexually attracted to children Spain loves children. but, is not sexually attracted to them! also Rape and Pedophilia is a very really a serious topic in the real life.

3. I mostly hate when people say "HETALIA IS ABOUT GAY COUNTRIES THAT ARE SO GAY FOR EACH OTHER!!!!!" or "OMG GAY COUNTRIES!!!!!" I mean seriously have you read the manga or watched the anime? Hetalia not a Yaoi series about countries being gay towards each other. Note: Even though the webcomic version does to seem to show yaoi things in that version. Well, Hetalia is a fanservice which maybe the yaoi stuff are probably to please the Hetalia fan.

3. No pairings are Canon (Ex: Austria/Hungary & Chibitalia/HRE.) I mean understand that you like shipping the characters together but I don't think Himaruya will change Hetalia because having a canon couple in Hetalia might lose it's fans of Hetalia because Hetalia to supposed be a comedy series and people might think Hetalia is not the Hetalia the now and Love. also, if you confused about of fans sayng that a pairing is canon they might be saying that it's there opinion or that's what they think. but some fans will be mad if you said that there are not canon.

4. When people bash on people just because they said that they don't like Yaoi or a ship, sometime people will call them ''Homophobia''.

So that was something that I just wanted to get off my chest. Some of this stuff is just awful. I can imagine Hima-papa himself having his fair share of face palms because of the fandom.

Hetalia fandom, please stop ruining Hetalia. Please stop turning Hetalia into something it's not.

Thank you to everyone who's taken the time to read this.