Hetalia Ruin the Date Game Hetalia style (:

vampiressJazz posted on Jan 17, 2012 at 02:26AM
I got this idea from the Tinierme ^^
anyways here's how it goes(if anyone can actually be bothered to play XD)

Ok, so basically you ruin the date of the person you posted before you. xD

Person 1: China and I went to the beach together!

Person 2: But seagulls stole China's panda and he started attacking the birds so the lifeguard asked you to leave


This game was not created for any pairings... Only you can pick a character. :) No, you can't make France and England go to the beach or anything. = A =

I'll just use the example...

England and I are having tea together! > w <

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over a year ago NyoHetaliaCreed said…
You pour tea out for England but accidently drop the teapot and scald his hand, so he kicks you out the house. (it was the best thing I could think of)

Canada and I go to the park and play on the swings!
over a year ago vampiressJazz said…
The swing snaps and Canada falls on his head and becomes unconscious( sorry Canada..) I am at a vocaloid concert with Japan.
over a year ago NyoHetaliaCreed said…
(Sorry for the long reply)
You try and sing to the Japanese Vocaloid songs loudly and fail badly attracting the attention of the native Japanese around you. To avoid embarassing yourself, Japan takes you out the concert (lol sorry. Double sorry if you're actually good at singing Vocaloid songs XD)

Russia and I are having a snowball fight.
over a year ago vampiressJazz said…
(lol I try but my Japanese isn't that good XD) Belarus sees her beloved Russia with another girl, she pushes you down the hill and you roll down hill collecting snow turning into a snowball.
over a year ago Kiras_Follower said…
You're eating waffles with Canada. (who? //shot//)
over a year ago themusician726 said…
then you realize that the waffles are being eaten by a ghost and you run away scared. (sorry, that was the best i could think of)

America and I are at the amusement park ^^
over a year ago NyoHetaliaCreed said…
You both go on a really big rollarcoaster but it gets stuck while upside down on a loop, and you feel very ill once you get off so you have to go home.

Egypt and I go on a safari! (what the guy needs some love)
over a year ago vampiressJazz said…
The a magical sand strom transports you into a tomb where you get chased by a mummy ( lol the sand is magical XD). Italy and I are mass producing white flags.
over a year ago themusician726 said…
But Germany arrives, gets mad at you, gives you a lecture and kicks you out.

I'm harvesting tomatoes with Spain! :D
over a year ago vampiressJazz said…
Several of the Rotten Tomato's are rotten and explode in Spain's face, he is so pissed off that he picks you up and throws you out of his house(lol OOC there XD)

Poland and i are riding horses in a field.
over a year ago NyoHetaliaCreed said…
A magical multi-coloured pony appears out of nowhere and Poland starts playing with it and completely forgets about you and the normal horses. (what's the bets said magical pony is England's unicorn? XD)

Lithuania and I are cooking cookies. XD
over a year ago xAyumuEndless said…
But then Russia comes for a visit and Lithuania gets so scared that he mixed the sugar with salt and you get sick by the cookies and leaves.
( That was bad.. :c )

Japan and I are watching TV.
over a year ago themusician726 said…
But then an announcement about the price of eggs going up pops up and japan storms away forgetting about you (???)

Romano and I are eating pasta~
over a year ago vampiressJazz said…
You accidently Bump Romano and his pasta falls on the ground, he is so pissed off with you he chases you down the street hitting you with a broom.

Liechtenstein and i are making cheese fondu.
over a year ago NyoHetaliaCreed said…
Switzerland enters the scene and mistakes you for some country he doesn't like and chases you out with his shotgun. (THIS IS FAIL D:)

Switzerland and I go to get some cake from a local cafe! XD
over a year ago Juusan said…
Switzerland sees the prices of the cakes and runs away since he promised that he would pay the bill for you. (This is the only one I can think of. . .)

Prussia and I are feeding birds in the park.
over a year ago lalaland123754 said…
But the birds get into a fight with Gilbird on top of Prussia's hair and mess up his hairstyle! (Oh no not teh awsum wan D:)

Estonia and I are studying for an exam. (I know. I'm such a nerd :( )
over a year ago smileyAqua said…
you drop a pile of books on their foot and they ask you to leave

America and I are on a picnic!
over a year ago NonSpecificXx said…
But then suddenly Tony appears flying with his UFO, America chases after the alien calling for him and forgets about you.

Germany and I are cooking food.
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over a year ago Pandaheroaru said…
But then you somehow manage to burn the food and Germany end up scolding you and gives you ten laps

Denmark and I are at the beach.

over a year ago smileyAqua said…
but then a bunch of seaguls poop on you guys, and you have to go home.

America and I go to prom together!!
over a year ago cre8tive2114 said…
then i tell him i needed help so he goes all hero on me and leaves you

me and lithuania go to a fancy resturant
over a year ago Antarctica14 said…
But then the chef didn't cook the food right and you got sick and went home after throwing up on lithuania (sorry)

Me and Iceland went for a picnic in the park!!!
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over a year ago cre8tive2114 said…
I go WMD I take all the squirrels and release them so they go wild and you get scared and run away and Iceland doesn't care since he's scared

Me and Lithuania go to my apt to watch a moviev
over a year ago Russia77 said…
But then the tv explodes and Lithuania jumps out of the window (lol sorry)
Me and Russia are trying to catch Germany and Italy together