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What do the Hetalia characters think of you?



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Innovative Country
You are an innovative country. You are constantly looking for creative and efficient ways to improve people’s lives. You tend to get caught up in you work, which can be like your own little world. You are affectionate, and no one really has any ill feelings toward you. Many famous inventors come from your country. You can be scatterbrained at times, and your military isn’t the strongest. You didn’t really take sides during the World Wars, but you sent supplies to both the Axis and Allies.
Location: Mediterranean Europe
Climate: Mediterranean
Possible love interests: Japan, Romano, Greece.
What they think of you
Italy: _____? Ve, she is very nice! Once she showed me a new pasta-making machine, and it exploded, but the pasta still tasted great!
Germany: She is a pleasant girl, but she needs to stop being so indecisive all the time.
Japan: I like her. Her creativity is admirable, and she is kind to everyone. *blush* I think highly of her.
America: Dude, she is cool! I don’t know her that well, but her inventions are awesome. She’s even been trying to recreate the super cool metal from Tony’s UFO!
England: Oh, she’s very sweet. Sometimes I worry that she has too much on her hands, but she is an excellent multitasker.
France: _____? Ohohohohon, I would like to get to know her better – (QM: Shut up, Frog. *Decks him with a frying pan*)
China: I do not like _____ that much, aru. She has built a reputation for being an inventing country, which makes people forget about all my original Chinese ideas!
Russia: She makes excellent vodka… I would like her to become one with me, da?
Western Europe
Belgium: She’s so sweet! We are very close. I think she definitely deserves some time off. She says that she actually enjoys working on her projects, though!
Netherlands: Hmm. She’s alright.
Central Europe
Austria: _____ is a bit absentminded, but she is a pleasant girl and she has been to my house a few times. She appreciates my music.
Hungary: Oh, _____ and I are great friends! I think she has workaholic tendencies, but I love spending time with her.
Switzerland: She was sensible not to take sides in the war, but really? Helping both of them? That’s the opposite of neutral!
Liechtenstein: I do not know her very well, but she seems to be nice. Big brother does not think she is very smart, but I think he is mistaken. Look at all the things she has invented!
Poland: OMG, she is like, totally awesome! But I totally need to take her out shopping sometime.
Eastern Europe
Ukraine: I don’t know her that well, but I like her.
Lithuania: Who? If she has m-met R-Russia… I f-fear for her safety. (Russia: What did you just say, Lithuania?) N-NOTHING!
Estonia: *trembling*
Latvia *trembling*
Denmark: Who?
Finland: She made some great modifications to my sleigh! I’d better get her something extra special for Christmas!
Iceland: Who?
Norway: Who?
Sweden: She helped m’wife out.
Mediterranean Europe and North Africa
Spain: Aah, _____? We are very good friends! She is muy simpática!
Romano: She – she’s pretty. I mean – gah! (QM: You like her.) SHUT UP!
Greece: I like her very much. *blush* We often sit outside and discuss philosophy.
Turkey: Hmm. I do not know her that well.
Egypt: She is alright. A bit forgetful.
Other Countries (and Sealand)
Prussia: She is kinda awesome. Like a 5 or 6 on my scale of awesomeness.
Canada: She noticed me once.
Cuba: She has invented many delicious flavours of ice cream. Therefore, I like her! (QM: Me too! GIVE ME THE ICE CREAM.)
Sealand: I don’t think she takes me seriously as a country, but that will change soon! *Evil face* Soon… all nations will bow down to me…
Seychelles: She is really sweet! We get along well!
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You are a neutral country. You roll your eyes at many other countries when they get into their ‘trivial arguments’. You think war is pointless and you don’t see why you should get involved in it at all. You go to World Meetings anyway, and you are very good at resolving arguments. You keep yourself to yourself, so many countries do not know much about you. You stayed neutral during both world wars. You don’t let anyone walk over you, and many admire you for that quality.
Location: Central Europe
Climate: Temperate
Possible love interests: Germany, Switzerland, Canada.
What they think of you
Italy: Ve, she is scary sometimes…
Germany: Italy could take a lesson from her in being stronger. I wished that she had fought with me, her military is excellent, even though I can’t remember the last time she used it… *clears throat* I like her. *blushes*
Japan: She is not very open, much like myself. We are fairly good friends.
America: She totally acts like she’s the hero all the time! I’M THE HERO!
England: *laughing* You only say that because she always beats you in arguments! Anyway, she never backs down from a debate. A formidable opponent, if she ever chose to take sides in a war.
France: I do not know much about her, but Amérique does not seem to like her very much.
China: I respect her, she is very mature, aru!
Russia: She does not want to become one with me. Kolkolkolkolkol…
Western Europe
Belgium: She does give off a tough aura, but she’s a sweetie deep down.
Netherlands: Who?
Central Europe
Austria: Hmph. Too much like Switzerland.
Hungary: I’m not that well acquainted with her, but she spends a lot of time with Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Switzerland: Probably the most sensible and agreeable person I have ever met. *blushes*
Liechtenstein: She is my best friend! She visits me and Big Brother all the time. I think he likes her as well…
Poland: We’re chill, but I don’t know her that well, ‘cause she spends like, soooo much time with Switzy.
Eastern Europe
Belarus: She is not a threat. When will Brother Russia see that I want to become one with him?
Ukraine: Who?
Lithuania: Who?
Estonia: Who?
Latvia: Who?
Denmark: Ha! She’s so easy to get worked up! Even with her serious outward appearance, she’s such a fun drunk!
Finland: S-she said that I can’t fly my sleigh over her land…
Iceland: I’ve never talked to her.
Norway: She is reclusive. Not unlike myself.
Sweden: M’wife is scared of her.
Mediterranean Europe and North Africa
Spain: I don’t know her very well. Her football team is good!
Romano: Even though she says she’s neutral, she does get up in everyone’s face a lot.
Greece: Zzzz… wha? _____? I don’t know her.
Turkey: Who?
Egypt: Who?
Other Countries (and Sealand)
Prussia: Meh. West likes her, it’s so obvious. My awesome self thinks that she’s a 5 on my scale of awesomeness… so she’s neutral. HAHAHAHAHA! My jokes are so awesome!
Canada: She – she notices me… *blushes*. She tries to get everyone else to notice me as well. I like her a lot.
Cuba: Who?
Sealand: I talked to her seriously once about becoming a nation, and she actually listened, but then she said that I needed to ‘get real’. Grr…
Seychelles: Who? Oh, _____. I have never actually met her, but she seems to be an excellent debater! It’s funny to see the looks on everyone’s faces once she defeats them!

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