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Trainofdoom posted on Jul 04, 2011 at 02:25AM
Got any good ones?
I'll start:
"They can’t hear me anymore, so I’ll tell you in all honesty… I want to stay with them… Because they’re both very important to me."
-Alfred F. Jones(America) to Feliciano Vargas(N. Italy) ~Hetaoni

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over a year ago SJ_waddles said…
Awesome Idea for forum! :D
Here's mine:
"You lost to the guy who's only redeeming feature is his fast feet!"
- Feliciano Vargas(Italy) to Tony(monster)
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over a year ago daniela2mimi said…
"Even when i followed different paths,no matter what i did,they still left me"~Feli
over a year ago wakeupcall13 said…
"Fine! Ill run! Ill run as many laps as you want! But then ill run away, and then...you'll have to run after me....germany.."
over a year ago Trainofdoom said…
AW That line KILLED me! I was sobbing SO hard at that one!
over a year ago UkuleleDoll said…
"Maybe you should have learned.. to smile a little more naturally."
~America to Feli. Then later, Feli to America.
over a year ago SacredDawn said…
@wakeupcall13 That line killed me. DX

I'll post a funny one~
Prussia: Awesome face.

It wasn't to anyone in particular, but still, I just loved that one~ XD
over a year ago JapanHetalia said…
This is more of a conversation
Japan: Italy's face got dirty when he fell... I think I have a handkercheif...
Germany:What's wrong?
Japan: I-Italy?
Prussia:Hey! Whats wrong?!
Japan: Italy! Italy!
Germany: J-Japan?
to find this look at the end of the video I attached
over a year ago MisakiAyuzawa said…
"To the me some point in time, and who isn't alone."
-Italy's letter to himself

over a year ago Trainofdoom said…
^ After reading that first line I just KNEW i was going to do some major crying!
over a year ago UndeadDarling said…
^Same here.

Romano's "I'm Italy Too" speech was really touching, in my opinion.
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over a year ago UmLeiTungB16 said…
"If you pass out, I’ll carry you on my shoulders and run." - America to England
over a year ago ChocolateBall1 said…
"How many times will I be allowed to make mistakes? How many more times will I have to tell the same lies? How many more times will I have to watch my friends die? I made them so many promises. But when we met again next, they had forgotten all about them."
~N. Italy [HetaOni]
over a year ago tdafan121 said…
I'll post a sad one first...

"How many... fingers am I holding up?" ~America to England (the second time) TT~TT
over a year ago Midnightsong22 said…
In respose to the sad one:
"I'm sorry America. I can... no longer see..." - England to America
over a year ago fake_alibi13 said…
ITALY: Hey Romano, can you fill in for me at work tomorrow?
ITALY: Tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and forever and ever... can you?
ROMANO: .....No.
ITALY: Romano..
ROMANO: It's your job. Just get your ass back here and fucking take care of it yourself!
over a year ago sfhctjsdui said…
I've got some good ones! And sad ones...
"This is where I fall."- China to Prussia, Russia, France, and Italy.
"Don't worry, I'll die before it can attack you."- England to America.
"*sigh*, Even in this place...I'm all alone yet again."- Russia to...himself...
over a year ago Juusan said…
I think some of cried at this conversation:

France: *sigh* You Axis Power guys are so close aren't you.
Veneziano: Axis Powers? What's that?
Germany: ?!
Veneziano: Is it food?

*note: I really am not sure what France said when he mentioned "Axis Powers", so I just typed something somehow related to it. And plus, I don't really care because of what Veneziano said.
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over a year ago oceanlover4evr said…
^ Ditto here. I was SHOCKED when Italy said that, and wanted to cry. How could they forget the Axis Powers? That was such a large part of their relationship!!! (Then again, can't really blame Germany or Japan if THEY want to forget)
over a year ago Rainbowtalia said…
I didnt acualy cry at this one. my reaction was 'WTF italy! Learn you brothers name! ITS LOVI!!!!"

Romany:Whats my name
Italy:R-Romano italy
over a year ago 2pKuma said…
thanks for making me cry TT^TT and now something that makes me laugh!

"I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. i'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm apiano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano. I'm a piano." ~ Canada to himself
over a year ago us-little-sis said…
"everyone died right before my eyes. The pure white piano, the pure white sheets, the pure white beds, the pure white floor, they were all painted deep red. But you know, no one blamed me. Everyone smiled at me and then they told me 'Im sorry I couldn't be by your side till the end'~Italy to germany
over a year ago mudpaw13 said…
"I don't... want to die here... I wanted to escape with all of you......."
-Italy to Germany
over a year ago Honeystar6 said…
heres a few:
England "not being alone in ones last moments isnt that bad surprisingly"
America:I want to stay with thim til my last moment because there both very important to me"
America(agian):Tow secounds is long enough to save the life of another country you know?"

Italy(this ones the note its longgg):
To the me who lives at soe point in time and who isnt alone , once agian, i made some mistakes, and also some progress meanwhile i finnily but slowly began to learn to rely on my friends i was constantly afraid that everyone would blame me for dragging them into this and that they would hate me or be appalled at me or get mad at me and leave me but then i was told i had it wrong and they were very mad at me it hurt so much not that they hit me but it really hurt i finnily figured it out but i cant pass this memory on to my next ill lose my life yet agian thats why im writing a thanks to england and till them the truth im sure theyll get mad but its not that they hate you or think your a idout didnt you rely on your friends sooner?What are friends for?thats what they told me and thats what there going to tell you too im sure ill cry...and then...and then...
Look around yourself
~Italy Veneziano(DANG THAT TOOK AWILE)
Romano:whats wrong with swolloing my pride to save me brother?
over a year ago mudpaw13 said…
"So what do you prefer? Burning until not even your ashes are left, or being frozen up for the rest of your life? Just kidding! I won't give you a choice. It's okay, i won't give you time to have any regrets either"
-Russia to the monster
over a year ago CharlieTheMad said…
I sobbed like a little girl at this one:
What's wrong with swallowing my pride to save my brother?! — Romano
over a year ago CharlieTheMad said…
"Two seconds is long enough. To save the life of one nation...you know..." - America

"If you pass out, I'll carry you on my shoulders and run." - America

"I was a hero, wasn't I? I protected you, didn't I? I could be a hero... couldn't I?" - America

"..Even in this place... I'm all alone yet again..." - Russia

"Well, I think there must be something that only Boss Spain can do, too, but…I guess I must be the most useless of all." -Spain

"Y-you! You're ridiculously serious! You only do what manuals say, a-and you raise dogs, and you're buff, and your hobby is making sweets — That's the Germany I know! He's not that weak!!" - Italy

"One by one… you erased each of my friends. And now I ask you… Why didn't you take me too…?"
over a year ago wishey said…
Italy: I …All this time, I wanted to be with you guys …All of me hurt, but I couldn’t stop trying, and yet I couldn’t find a way to make it stop, either …But maybe I can tell you now? Actually, I wanted to be with you, too I wanted to escape with all of you …
over a year ago wishey said…
Germany: How strange.

Not long ago … you were desperately trying to stop us at the front door …


… I’m so sorry.

There are … so many things …

I want to tell you …

Haa …

So this is what it feels like … to lose a friend. This won’t do. I just keep blinking more and more …

First … an apology … I’m sorry I laughed at your valuable opinion. Also … you …

You’re probably … going to keep going through many time loops now.

To do it all over again … desperately trying to get us to escape … over and over …

For some reason, I don’t get back my past memories. That’s why I’d like to keep my promise to you in my own way.

It’s quite a long story, but don’t worry. I’ll definitely keep my word, no matter what.

The Italy who is with me now is no longer alone. It must be the scene you were dreaming of. Everyone is with you. It definitely wasn’t just a dream … There will definitely come the day when you experience it first-hand. Until then …

Until then, rest in peace, Italy