“Mom! Phone!”
Where was she? I slowly dragged myself off the leather couch, knocking my books to the floor. I watched as my pencil rolled under the puffy armchair. Oh well, I was done with it anyways. I grabbed the phone on the eighth ring,
“Julie, babe. I thought you'd never answer. It's been like what? Three hours since we last chatted?” It was my slime-ball of an ex-boyfriend, Ryan.
“Ya, sure. What ev.” I replied while examining the ruby red paint chipping off my nails. “I got to go, so like leave a message or something.” I hung up the phone not waiting for an answer, because knowing him, he'd be phoning back in about an hour at most.

Flopping back onto the couch, I found the remote and switched on the T.V. Friday afternoon and there was nothing on.
“Uhhhhhh!” I glanced out the window and saw my mom's black Chevrolet Corvette was missing from it's usual spot. She must be out with Dylan, her newest boyfriend after the last one dumped her. He was lucky number 4 in the last month. Enough about my mother's love life. I looked at the grand-father clock, it was only 3:00pm. It was still early so I went to the kitchen to make a snack.
“No popcorn, no salad, no crackers, no nothing! Man, we got to go grocery shopping soon.” I grabbed a pen from the cup on the counter and found the 'To-Do list'. I quickly jotted down 'grocery shopping' then backed up against the counter and flipped open my cell-phone. Of course there were 3 texts from Ryan and one from my BFF Sophie. It read:
Where u @? Meet @ mall in 10.
It was probably about some sale going on at the mall or a guy she saw.
Having nothing else to do, I grabbed my keys from the hook and my jacket from the floor.

By the time I got outside, the wind had picked up, resulting in my long black hair flying everywhere. I opened the door to my old blue Jeep and stuck the key in the ignition. It took three tries to get it going, but eventually it started. I adjusted my mirror and slowly pulled out of the drive-way.