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Opinion by MamiTomoe22 posted over a year ago
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Kyoya Hibari (雲雀恭弥, Hibari Kyōya) is the leader of the Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee, prefects who are in fact a group of delinquents that are all loyal to Hibari. Hibari himself is a violent delinquent who uses his status to harass other students. As shown several times in the series, he prefers to be alone and cares little for his subordinates. He loves Namimori more than anything, and will often say "I'll bite you to death," or "kamikorosu," to those that disturb Namimori Middle School. Hibari is very proud of his school and is apparently the only person who even likes their school's anthem, even using it as his ringtone. In the Kokuyo Arc, he adopts the Kokuyo Assassin Birds' bird. The bird (subsequently nicknamed "Hibird" due to its connection to Hibari) becomes attached to Hibari. Hibird can also sing the school's anthem, taught by Hibari, who loves it. Reborn piqued Hibari's curiosity in the mafia early on in the series and Hibari considers him a worthy opponent, having a strong urge to fight him.
Article by Soul_Dragneel posted over a year ago
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For anyone or fangirls who wants to stalk Hibari's Profile, jokes ^.^ Just some information about the coolest most sexiest anime character in KHR!

Hibari Kyoya

Kanji Name: 雲雀恭弥
Romaji Name: Hibari Kyōya
Title: - 10th Vongola Cloud Guardian
- Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee Leader
- Foundation Leader
Gender: Male
Age: - 15 (Beginning)
- 16 (Present)
- 26 (Future)
Status: Alive
Date of Birth: May 5
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Famiglia: Vongola Famiglia
Partner: Hibird
Team: - Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee
- Vongola Decimo & Guardians
- Foundation (Future)
- Team Fon (Former)
- Allied Team (Former)
Weapons: - Cloud Tonfas
- Alaude's Handcuffs
Box Animal: Roll (Version X)
Flame: Cloud, Mist
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Seiyuu: Takashi Kondo
Fan fiction by YoullNeverKnow posted over a year ago
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Chapter 3!!

You walked to the bathroom to wash your face and hopefully wake up from this horrible nightmare.
(Hibari kissed me? Does he like me? ...He thinks im fat? :< nobody's ever called me fat before..)
You put your hands on your stomache.
(hm..it is getting a little squishy there.. but i want my boobs to grow too!)
You put your hands on your breasts and squeezed them a little. (They're too small! I want bigger ones! Nice big luscious breasts that men will drool over!!!) While you were squeezing your chest you see Yamamoto
Yamamoto: "Hey there! Why are you squeezing your chest..Maybe you're feeling horney?"
You: "ACK! SHUT UP! I'm just..juicing them up -__-"
The baseball freak was with 2 other guys. Either his friends or maybe gay lovers? :D
Yamamoto: "That's Sawada Tsuna, and Gokudera Hayato"
You: "Hey dere"
Tsuna: "Hi :) "
You: "WOW! I like this one! *pets hayato* He's all mean and stuff :D and probably really weak and harmless"
Fan fiction by YoullNeverKnow posted over a year ago
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Chapter 2!! Here we goes

Police guy throws you and Guy into a room with surprisingly nice furnature.
You: "W-W-W-here are we? A-Are we g-gonna d-d-die..???"
Guy: "Calm down you look like you're having a spazz attack -__-;"
You were in fetal position on the floor.
Police guy: "Who's up first *evil look*"
You wisper to Guy: "He's reallly going to beat us?!"
Guy: "mhmm ^.^; but don't worry, I doubt he'll beat a girl :D"
Police guy: "Don't bother whispering, I can still hear you. And I take pleasure in beating everybody. The enemy has no gender."
You felt your heart stop. Police guy started dragging Guy into a corner of the room and pulled a curtain behind him.
(omgomgomgomgomgomg im gonna die today i didn't even get to have my last meal, i didn't write my will yet, mom doesn't know how much i love her..oh god, mom, how are you going to take the news? When the world hears about how a girl got beaten to death in her high school..oh woe is me T.T)
Fan fiction by YoullNeverKnow posted over a year ago
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Um..This is my first Fanfic, so I'll try my best to keep it up >.<

Name: Saki
Age: 17
Gender: male! (jk)
Ethnicity: whatever you freaking want it to be

BEE TEE DOUBLE-U, the stuff inside of the () means that you're thinking to yourself :D
The stuff in the <> is yours-truly saying outside notes to you.

    ~So here we go~

    You sat in the back of the bumpy truck thinking to yourself how your new house would look like. Your mother insisted that you sit in her car like a normal person, but nooo you wanted to sit in the moving truck. You were all smiles and stuff until you suddenly thought "I HAVE NO FRIENDS!!! QQ". At that moment you clutched your domo bag closely and sobbed.
"..whats that noise..?" - mover truck dude 1
"how should i know? go check it out *smack*" - mover truck dude 2
"ow ow ok.." - mover truck dude 1
    You see an old wrinkly guy open up the trunk-thing on the truck and you jumped out before he could say anything.
Article by Renjio posted over a year ago
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Tobi mawaru yuubi na hane de
(I fly around, with graceful wings)

saki hokoru boku no puraido
(my pride blooms fully)

tori no you ni jiyuu ni
(like a bird, freely,)

haruka kanata no sora tonde FLY
(soar and FLY above the faraway sky)

Kumo no namima tadayoi
(drifting between the waves of the cloud,)

meguri tsuita basho sore ga mirai
(the place I happened to end up was the future)

dare ga aite datte yousha shinai
(no matter who the opponent is, I won't give mercy)

surudoi kiba muite tachi mukau yo
(baring those sharp fangs, I fight)

gunjyou yori fukaku koori yori tsumetai kokou no umi
(deeper than ultramarine, and colder than ice, the sea of indifference)

muragaru yatsu nokorazu
(swarming ones, all without exception--)

uchi otosu oroka na hitomi
(I knock down, those foolish eyes)

tsuki yaburu gin no jyouheki
Article by Renjio posted over a year ago
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Kumo no kirema sasu hi wo
Kono te de mata nigiri shimeteiru
Hatenai chiheisen no sono saki ni
Dare ga matteru nani ga matteiru

Tatakai tsutzukeru hibi
Nanika wo erutabi mata ushinatteku
Kokoro ga kiba wo muita sono saki ni
Motomeru mono mitsukaru darou ka

Obieteiru sugata ni kakerareru kotoba nado shiranai
Chiri yuku sadame no sono inochi
Mitodoke you keshite age you
Ima sugu demo onozomi doori ni

Boku no risou wo jama suru subete kowashite
Sousa daremo tomerarenai
Boku no kokoro ga moe sakaru uchi wa daremo
Sousa suki ni saseyashinai

Okujou kara miru sora
Kegarenaku ao wo kasaneteiru
Kodoku wo kakae konda kono kokoro ni
Yoku niteiru tadayou youni
Shizukana ao mugen no kanata ni

Boku no shikai wo saegiru subete no mono wo
Sousa daremo kanaiyashinai
Donna riyuu mo boku wo shibareyashinai no sa
Article by Renjio posted over a year ago
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Sakura saku maiochiru
Nani mo nai boku no te no ue
Hakankute yasashikute
Kowaresou kimi mitai na hana

Itsumo no kaisatsu wo
Surinuketeiku ano ko wa sou
Kagayaku me wo shite
Mainichi nanika tsukami totte yukun da

Boku wa to ieba
Nani mo nai mainichi kurikaeshite
Hieta kokoro motte sa
Hana hiraku shunkan sagashite me wo tojiru

Sakura saku maiochiru
Nanimonai boku no te no ue
Hakankute yasashikute
Kowaresou kimi mitai na hana

Yogoreta supaiku nara
Kokoro no oku nishimaikonda
Kore de iin da yo to
Sugiyuku haru no nigemichi sagashiterun darou

Nakushite akirameta boru
Mitsukete kureta no wa kimi deshita

Haru ga kuru sakihokoru
Gurando ga kaze ni yureru
Fumishimete nakidashita
Koboresou kimi mitai na hana

Koko ni aru wasuremono
Tori ni kita boku no te no ue
Hakanukete yasashikute