Hidan no Aria Will there be season 2 of Hidan No Aria

TheYosugoSora posted on Jan 06, 2013 at 03:29PM
Also, great news for April season series, Hidan no Aria 「緋弾のアリア」, fans will rejoice at an opportunity of a second season also! The director of the series has left us a tweet asking fans to purchase the DVD/BD of the series, hoping to fund enough money for another season of Hidan no Aria. Fans of the series responded with a rather vulgar approach saying that it was a “disrespectful move” for the director of the series to say such a heartless request to the fans. As expected of the series, they are hoping that the DVD/BD would make them enough money for another production. If you are a fan of the series, Hidan no Aria, tell us. What’s your buy on this?

This was posted almost 1 and half year ago , so do you believe there still will be season 2 ?

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over a year ago andriputra said…
Yes there will be
marksefuentes commented…
Is that official? that they will release a season2? and where did you know it? tnx advance :) over a year ago