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Troy and Gabriella | Listen to your heart

Bet on it: Chinese Version

Trailer for HSM 2

HSM 2 movie (HD)


high school musical 2 on stage

high school musical

We-High School Musical Cast

Vote HSM!

hsm2(all the movie in parts)


Without You - High School Musical Tribute

HSM2 Special - Being Sharpay

how do we say our goodbyes?

Deleted HSM2 Scene- Find Ryan

HSM2 Deleted Scene - No Diving

HSM2 Deleted Scene - The Pool Has Never Looked Better

HSM2 Dance Edition - Deleted Scene - Boyfriend Rules

HSM2 Work this out

High Scool Musical 2 Bet on it

HSM2 : "On Set with Miley" (Dance Edition)

High School Musical 2: Comparing Ashley to Sharpay

HSM 2: "Gotta Go My Own Way" Extra

HSM 2 Deluxe Edition - Very Vanessa

HSM 2 Deluxe Edition - The Zac Factor

HSM2 Deluxe Edition - More Than a Movie

High School Musical 2 Dance Rehearsals

High School Musical 2 Bloopers

Bet on it (Chipmunk version)

highschoolmusical 2 dance remix

when you're gone Troyella

Chipmunk - All For One REMIX

KayCee Stroh's Bday Party (With New HSM3 costar!)

gotta go my own way...HSM2

Chad & Troy fight HSM 2

Work This Out Dance-Along - High School Musical 2

HSM 2 Dance Along

gabriella fights with sharpay

Humuhumunukuapua'a / HSM 2

What time is it / HSM2

HSM stars on living green

High School Musical 2 Around The World Video Mix

Humuhumunukuapua'a (full scene)

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a-High School Musical 2 CD bonus track

High School Musical 2 DVD Bloopers HQ

Celebrity Interviews: Kaycee Stroh

HSM2 - Gotta go my own way

Making Of "What Time Is It?"

Fabulous - High School Musical 2

HSM2: Full Movie


Zac Efron & Corbin Blue (lol)

Zanessa/Troyella HSM2 - All or Nothing

You Are The Music In Me - Piano Remix

You Are The Music In Me - Piano Solo

HSM2 KARAOKE!!! "Gotta Go My Own Way" (Without Melody)

HSM2 KARAOKE!!! "Gotta Go My Own Way" (With Melody)

"What Time Is It" - Piano Solo

What Time Is It - Piano Remix

"All For One" - Piano Solo

"All For One" - Piano Remix

"I Don't Dance" - Piano Remix

"I Don't Dance" - Piano Solo

"Fabulous" - Piano Remix

"Fabulous" - Piano Solo

"Work This Out" - Piano Remix

"Work This Out" - Piano Solo

YouTube - Ryan & Sharpay - You And Me

HSM2 - I Don't Dance

Road to HSM2 (8 Episodes)

High School Musical 2 trailer

Song clips