I was watching this last night for the second time and I found the songs quite catchy like I want it all and The Boys are back which was great. But whats different about this is that they use other artists as well Jordan Pruitt , Stan , & Jesse McCarthey. The charcthers were great yet I found Ryan very gay . He wears pink which is so girly on him. Chad I thought was cute and Troy was really okey. Alot of people hate this but if you are into Grease or Hairspray or any musical then you'll love it. But I think its alot like a teenage version of Grease.Boy meets girl fall in love balh blah. I mean its a Disney movie for crying out loud and Disney is a very cheesy production.

Overall it was alot better than the first two . I saw all 3 of them , I own the 2nd and 3rd one on Dvd.

I'll give it an 8/10