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Troy Bolton - Zac Efron or Drew Seeley?  slifer151 14 40388 over a year ago
HSM 3 DOWNLOAD VIDS AND SONGS!!!  friendsrox 3 13333 over a year ago
High School Musical 3 Auditions  oncameratalent 4 3627 over a year ago
Watch High School Musical Get in the Picture online for FREE!  watchhsmusical 0 3619 over a year ago
High School Musical bday party games?  befbifbeth 5 3399 over a year ago
High School Musical 3 Movie Online  kjordy 0 2863 over a year ago
Zashley Roleplay  squirrelz 229 2827 over a year ago
High School Musical four?  smashulie 2 2346 over a year ago
HSM4 Confirmed!  lucaslover528 9 2303 over a year ago
World Premier of “I Kissed a Vampire” event with Lucas Grabeel and Drew Seeley!  catapop 1 1731 over a year ago
ASHLEY & VANESSA LOOK-A-LIKES!  Marinasenorita 1 1639 over a year ago
how to watch High School Musical online?  rechermaster 0 1594 over a year ago
Looking for Fans I can interview  Kira_Hsm 0 1504 over a year ago
Is Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron meant to be?  alidzaa 2 1485 over a year ago
Bring ZAC EFRON to your hometown!!  zacattack4400 0 1424 over a year ago
Zac & Vanessa autogaphed piggy bank!  kecates 1 1390 over a year ago
Who Wants To Be The Next Disney Channel Star!  oncameratalent 2 1373 over a year ago
Love is a riddle  PrincessMae29 0 1345 over a year ago
Zac Efron Dumped Vanessa Hudgens?!?!?!  oncameratalent 4 1290 over a year ago
Oleysa Rulin-video  fsg123 0 1257 over a year ago
High School Musical 2 Live!  shermantheater 1 1116 over a year ago
News ‘Bite’: Hot new info on the upcoming web-series ‘I Kissed A Vampire’ starring LUCAS GRABEEL & DREW SEELEY!  catapop 2 1105 over a year ago
HSM Songs  missfebruary1 1 1077 over a year ago
HSM: What is it really?  friendsrox 10 992 over a year ago
Saw the 3rd one last night  LisaForde 1 984 over a year ago
EVITA- Difficulty of playing piano score.  tobeornottobe2 1 983 over a year ago
Funny HSM youtube vid!  StichxAngel4eva 0 921 over a year ago
Gotta Go My Own Way  givemepeace_ 12 903 over a year ago
OMG SOOO HOT!!!!!  Zacfan 9 893 over a year ago
About Ashley Tisdale  LisaForde 0 868 over a year ago
Competition - Meet Zac at the 17 Again UK premiere!  zaccomp 1 784 over a year ago
If you like HSM, check out Declan Galbraith  ocmusicgrl 3 738 over a year ago
High School Musical 3: Senior Year Album Out Now!!!  Zaki_Effron 4 733 over a year ago
Who's Cuter Dylan or Zac Efron?  lolo13 3 717 over a year ago
HSM3  imthatguy2 4 669 over a year ago
HGIH SCHOOL MUSICAL FANS :D  itsabbeybabes 0 655 over a year ago
how does zac keep his hair so straight???without the wet look  vartix 5 636 over a year ago
HSM ripped off  k-white 0 622 over a year ago
HSM and Hairspray Blog  hsmloveeasthigh 0 576 over a year ago
Is there going to be more high school musicals after 3?  KIC22 6 576 over a year ago
do u think zac efron is better than lucas grabeel?  alexmcdonough 8 535 over a year ago
Corbin Bleu "Another Side" CD Preorder!  corbinfann212 1 530 over a year ago
High School Musical 3 song LEAKED!!!  DisneyCouncil26 0 514 over a year ago
HSM2 DVD | Game | Music | High School Musical 2 @ Shop-Online  topsell 0 512 over a year ago
Ashley Tisdale Contest  brandon16 3 457 over a year ago
HSM 4 Teaser NOW ONLINE ! OMG  spoofamovie 0 440 over a year ago
High School Musical Fans Have High IQs !?  southwardj 0 424 over a year ago
First Episode of Lucas Grabeel web-series now available!  catapop 0 422 over a year ago
Drew Seeley in new musical Cinderella Story  radiostar 0 410 over a year ago
Okay who's heard?....  LovrofMusic99 2 405 over a year ago
High school Musical Ice show pictures  loaloa 2 396 over a year ago
High School Musical 3 Dancer Auditiomns  oncameratalent 2 388 over a year ago
How much high school musicals do you think they will have?  KIC22 5 381 over a year ago
Corbin Bleu in FREESYLE the movie!  IloveCorbin235 0 379 over a year ago
HSM3 Blew everybody out of the box office!  WhosDat 3 379 over a year ago
Dont you think Zac Efron is hot?  sall13 3 376 over a year ago
HSM pushed me  jd015 1 376 over a year ago
i love high school musical  bernella 5 369 over a year ago
TV Guide is set to release a HSM 2 special issue!  jiggen 5 362 over a year ago
Anybody want to review High School Musical 2 for us?  TYP 0 357 over a year ago
heyyyy  katie_koo 2 353 over a year ago
My Lucas Fansite!  Shego 1 352 over a year ago
Dont you think vanessa hudgens is the best looking girl in the world!  KIC22 1 349 over a year ago
Heyy!  Lisa_hsm_Lili 0 338 over a year ago
My School Musical  peartreegirl 0 335 over a year ago
have you got the high school musical scores?  elisa12 3 334 over a year ago
has anyone heard zacs song : bet on it?  alexmcdonough 2 333 over a year ago
Work This Out, HSM2  coolbrow 1 330 over a year ago
Zanessa  jazzamataz 3 325 over a year ago
High School Musical on Dance War  shadylane 1 323 over a year ago
PRE-RELEASE of Right Here Right Now (HSM3)!  DisneyCouncil26 0 320 over a year ago
HSM <3!  LAgirl 1 320 over a year ago
High School Musical 3 Update  oncameratalent 0 315 over a year ago
high school musical 3  leah-08 1 305 over a year ago
High! Everyone.  rob_clowes 0 303 over a year ago
High School Musical 2 on Disney Channel?  marigoldboy 0 303 over a year ago
HSM Fun!  peartreegirl 1 297 over a year ago
SORRY HSM FANS  friendsrox 1 280 over a year ago
HSM Fan Club Postal Address  Sharnee02 0 279 over a year ago
For Sale: High School Musical Limited Premiums!  Celaith 0 275 over a year ago
Why do you like High School Musical?  SilentRevelry 0 257 over a year ago
WOW  musiclover18 0 257 over a year ago
What do you think should be on High School Musical 3?  Steffanellopi 2 248 over a year ago
Carly Patterson!  hibeam 0 235 over a year ago
Corbin Bleu, OP, and Young Hollywood!  younghollywood 2 229 over a year ago
High School Musical - COLLEGE?  ziggystardirt 1 228 over a year ago
omg  badgurl22 1 226 over a year ago
HSM3  zacndash 1 223 over a year ago
This Tv show looks sooo cool to find out more read this!!  MrsGerrenHowell 0 222 over a year ago
For those of you who like the Bring it On movies!!  whitters 0 221 over a year ago
High School Musical on Podcast!  mmmo 1 216 over a year ago
HSM3 fans songs and pictures!  lilbrooks 0 212 over a year ago
autograph  hannah38 3 212 over a year ago
High School Musical 3 Challenge  annecsage 0 201 over a year ago
"Right Here, Right Now" FULL song 4 days before the actual release!!!  DisneyCouncil26 0 198 over a year ago
HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL  barbaralovehsm 0 197 over a year ago
High School Musical Night  MaynardGMallard 0 193 over a year ago
A fan of high school musical ? love to sing and dance ? aged 7-14 ,click here  itsabbeybabes 0 189 over a year ago
HSM3  zacndash 1 178 over a year ago
High School Musical Wii Videogame Video from E3  yuprules 0 165 over a year ago