Basic Information:
Name: Hidaka Fuzoku
Nickname: Hida-chan
Age: 16
Other family members: Hikyuu Fuzoku (twin sister)

Hair: Long to the waist, brunette. Always covered by a black hood so it's never seen.
Eyes: Dark red
Height: 5'2"
Other: Ookami: Has wolf ears and other wolf-like attributes. Her wolf ears are black with white tips. She has various scars and wounds, mainly on her torso. But there's one wound on her face from just above her left eyebrow to her chin.

Likes: Chocolate, pocky, dogs
Dislikes: Strawberry, fruits, cats
Fears: Losing her sister or someone close to her.
Talent: Secret...
Past/History: Hidaka has a rather troubling past, and she puts up her mischievous mask to hide it. When she was born into her family, she was immediately a disgrace. Her family is known for being in mafias and the like. And so, following her father, she joined his mafia. She was trained to be a fighter so that none could ever defeat her. She had an iron will and nerves of steel. Nobody could take her down... until the day her father was killed, murdered, right before her eyes. She completely crumbled. That's the reason she stays away from people today. She doesn't want that same pain, that pain right there in her chest. She doesn't want to lose her sister, ever. After that, she left the mafia and ran away, and hasn't been seen until she came to Ouran.
Other: Leader of a mafia. They call her Ookami (with good reason).

Basic Information:
Name: Hikyuu Fuzoku
Nickname: Kyuu-chan
Age: 16
Other family members: Hidaka Fuzoku (twin sister)

Hair: Same as Hidaka
Eyes: Her eyes are slightly lighter than Hidaka's.
Height: Same as Hidaka
Other: Ookami; Her ears are white with black tips.

Likes: Strawberries, pocky, dogs.
Dislikes: Chocolate, cats.
Fears: Losing her sister, being alone.
Talent: Secret...
Past/History: Hikyuu has always been there for Hidaka. Ever since she was born. But not when Hidaka ran away. No, she couldn't leave. She had a life where she was, and she was happy... but she had a pit in her stomach that refused to go away. And therefor, she put up a happy mask to hide her pain.
Other: Hates that Hidaka is the leader of a mafia.