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The fans pick: Super Friends
Super Friends
To be a man
The fans pick: Both
The fans pick: Candy
The fans pick: Heck YEAH! That would be sweet!
Heck YEAH! That would be...
Nope! Never!
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MoonshoesPerry said …
Today my friend and I were obsessively discussing "Holy Musical B@tman" and a guy in Batman shirt walked up to us and we were just like "OH MY DEAD GOD!!!". Posted over a year ago
dragonsmemory commented…
It's "dead wizard god." Get it right. over a year ago
dragonsmemory commented…
Why don't you start? Unless you'd rather I started. (See, just because my family is not known for cleverness doesn't mean I'm not clever) over a year ago
Bluekait commented…
Why the fighting? over a year ago
TheHogwartsJagu said …
I LESS THAN THREE HOLY MUSICAL B@MAN! Posted over a year ago
Kate481216 said …
I so badly want knee high converse now!!! Posted over a year ago