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Opinion by M1K3 posted over a year ago
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I've had The Honda Accord Coupe for almost a month now. Everyday i've enjoy the car more and more. The acceleration is consistently pulling you, wanting more. Can't wait to get an Intake system to hear that V-Tec roar. The Handling is tight with the thick sway Bar it has. The leather is soft and smells great. It has nice sound system with a sub. Huge trunk space with fold down back seat, for all those snowboarders like me.

Goes from a 6 cylinder to a 3 cylinder when crusing ( under 2000 rpm's )

Sticker Mpg:
city 19
highway 30

It lacks some features that the competition has like:
- Turning signals on the side mirrors.
- ashtray
- H.i.d.'s ( High IntensityDischarge )
Head lights

Tint's and H.i.d.'s are going in this week.

How do you like it? Because I love it.

Opinion by Speedjunkie posted over a year ago
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08 accord vs 07 camry
link Head to Head of the 08 link vs the 07 link comparison.


I believe the camry has a formidable match now! Both Cars have very similar specs, however according to the article, the Accord wins by small margin because of its interior. The dimensions of both cars are very similar as well, but the handling of the 08 Accord is a major factor as well. I cant wait to try the 08 Accord for myself, as well as the coupe. I may have to sell my current link