My name is Justin, and I created the Horror Movie Spot to post and discuss absolutely anything and everything to do with this peculiar genre. I will be posting some links and articles in a few days, so feel free to contribute anything you'd like:) Here are some topic starters I came up with:

-Silent films (i.e. Lon Chaney)
-Universal Monsters (i.e. Frankentein, Dracula, Wolf Man)
-50s horror ("big bugs," teenage monsters)
-Zombies (Romero), werewolves, vampires
-Ghosts & hauntings
-Witches, occult, magic, Satan
-Aliens, sci-fi horror
-The concept of "the thing with no name"
-The Golden Age of the 70s (TCM, Exorcist, Halloween, etc)
-The Italian Gialli/Exploitation Movement (Argento, Fulci, etc)
-The Slasher Movement (Freddy, Jason, Michael)
-The works of Stephen King
-Japanese Horror/remakes
-Horror comedy (Army of Darkness, House, Shaun of the Dead, etc)
-The modern "torture movie" trend (Saw, Hostel, etc)

I hope everyone enjoys the site and be sure to tell anyone who would be interested to join us!