1: leap at his face and try to rip off his red nose. if it comes off and u hear the clown swear, u know hes a person. calmly walk away casually like nothing happened. If his nose is stuck to his face, u know he is a real clown. pull ur hand back as quickly as possible so it doesn't grab it and shove it in his mouth full of super sharp teeth.

2: run away as fast as u can. clowns cant run fast in clown shoes because they r like 10 sizes too big.

3: if u have nowhere to run, grab a sharp object and cut its suspenders. since they usually have really big pants, they should fall right down.

4: then yank its rainbow afro over his eyes and shove him away.

5: if he is wearing a tie, wrap it around its neck and yank him toward you, then shove him down on the ground

6 yank off his shoes and toss them far away

7 continully beat him up until hes unconsiunce

8 drag him to a nearby school and hang him up, using his tie as a noose, and hang him up on a swing set. :) or u can burn the body. or u can sell him to deadclown.inc and be rich