I am a fun of horror remakes strangely, I enjoyed Halloween and Nightmare on elms street almost to near perfection , the Evil Dead was em was just Okay-ish! It had a good metascore of 7.2 from IMDB so I knew it was worth seeing , which it wasn’t frankly. The plot has been done many times over and over since its original so you would have that deja vu cliche feeling hanging around you. The story line in the beginning was not so clear but it made up for it with its superficial gore that kept me tuned whilst it sent some shrills down my spine. The dismemberment of the limbs was a little “SAW” in nature but that was just that.

The movie certainly has its flaws which are:

1) There is no build up to the suspense ,everything that happens just happens ( I am not going into detail without giving much spoilers).

2) The movie apart from its gore is not scary ( I thought this was a horror movie not a slasher thriller)

3) I expected some twists and surprises which came only at the end and that was poorly done.

4)Too much emphasis on the evil book.

In all I will give this movie a 2.5/5,its not a good movie but neither a horrendous one , I will say wait till it comes out on Netflix or DVD.

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