Everyone is familiar with the usual branches of horror: Jump Scares, Torture Porn, Psychotic Slasher, Unspeakable Evil, Domineering Villainy etc. Yet in today's current media stream we are slowly seeing the demise of one of the greatest mediums of the horror genre. Psychological. Now, I know some of you know what this genre is but to those who do not it is based on the emotional and psychological aspect of the main character/characters by either exploiting or twisting them in ways that drive them to a fine breaking point. From films such as "Jacobs Ladder" to even video games such as "System Shock"; psychological horror once had been the crown jewel of the horror genre.
Now where are we today? Every passing day and year we are constantly being fed the same old material such as found footage films like "Paranormal Activity" and watered-down remakes such as "Friday the 13th". What exactly caused this genre to die? Even "Silent Hills" cancellation is adequate proof that even the most renown studios have abandoned this amazing concept of the horror genre. I have no known or exact answer to why it has been in recession for so long so I would like to ask everyone this one question: what led to its demise? In a today's film and gaming industry we have so many new ways of expressing our shared fears of the mind in ways that would have been impossible decades before us. From the unique blend of CGI and practical effects there are so many possibilities to unleash content that not only terrifies us, but also can pull the audience in as if they were a part of the show as well. Look at Oculus Rift and 3D Imax filming for examples. Is there any hope left for this genre or has society completely forgotten what it is really like to be afraid of something other than the dark?