I made link about half a year ago. My how things have changed. I'm sure in another 6 months or so, I'll look back at this coming list and reconsider another article. But here I am...here we are! One thing you will learn about me (and quick) is that I'm a person with a fickle mind - sure, I will always have my solid favorites which will always be in my list, but they don't have a set number. I will change my mind whenever I feel like it. I don't LIE when I say "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is my favorite horror movie, because it IS. It has been my number 1, my number 2, even my number 20. Things change...so...yeah.

Saw series

I'm cheating by putting them altogether but hey, sue me. You can't make me pick. If I said one, I'd be forgetting the epic thrillride of the other 800 and that's just not acceptable. I've been a horror buff for as long as I can remember, but of the 2000's films, this series has me on a whole new level of horror fanatic.

The Descent

Oh but not to fret, The Descent is legit my single favorite horror movie. I really cannot begin to describe how incredibly amazing this film is, and I don't get it! I'm a slasher girl, a gore hound, a torture porn enthusiast and this is nowhere near it! It has gore, but an entirely different struggle from the normal kind of films I watch. This is definitely a dime a dozen.


Yes, the first one only. I love 2 and 3 for what they are (2 had Timothy Olyphant so of COURSE I appreciate that....) but this film is an entirely different one as far as I'm concerned. I know that every chance I get, I praise Scream for being the first film to get me legitimately into horror. It wasn't my first horror by any means, and it wasn't the first I loved, but it WAS the first that made me go "Oh yeah, this stuff is awesome!' The rest is history!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I feel really bad about ranking my first 5 favorite horror movies in all honesty. They have ALL been #1 at one time or another, and to have ANOES especially be at 1 for so long then shoot down kind of makes me sad. I don't love it any less! Freddy's still the best slasher of all-time and his knife fingers and quips always get the best of me!

The Woods

Agnes Bruckner, Rachel Nichols, and an amazing set up are pretty much all I need. Clearly this movie has so much more, and it is pretty slow to start but the character development is phenomenal, and when you finally get to the climax you won't be disappointed (I know I wasn't). It all kind of happens at once, in a blur but it's a fantastic blur!

My Bloody Valentine 3D

I don't like theoriginal, maybe I will someday but this film will forevermore hold a special place in my heart. Jensen Ackles, a 3D presentation, & gore! Did I mention Jensen because yeah....that man is fiiiiine. Especially when....well, just watch it!


Maybe the only thing coming over from my previous article to this one is that this is still the most terrifying horror film I've seen. I really get the chills when I watch the apartment murder scene. Candyman genuinely freaks me out, still!

The Lost Boys

Kiefer. Sutherland. Kiefer Sutherland. Kiefer Sutherland as a hot, sexy, violent vampire. Kiefer Sutherland with that hot, sexy, and occasionally violent voice of his. Kiefer. What? There's other reasons to watch this movie and love it? No.

Rosemary's Baby

I know this movie 100% by heart, and this is my first horror movie (one that I clearly remember anyway). I'm typically not a classic horror fan, or classic movie fan at all but I was raised on this movie - watched it every night on repeat for years on end. And it still gets better every time. Everything about it was perfect, the actors, the setting, the characters, the editing. Everything!

Eden Lake

The only movie on here I will never watch again. It's not for everyone, it's an extreme movie. You can either have extreme love for it, or extreme hate. There's no middle ground, and that's all in part to the ending. I found this movie incredibly disturbing, heart wrenching but very thought-provoking. But I will not watch it again. It's not the type of film to watch for entertainment, it's a great conversational piece.

One Missed Call (2008)

I think every horror fan I've ever encountered hates this movie. I kind of understand it when they say it's boring and monotone, but that's what I love about it. I love Shannyn Sossamon a lot, and whenever this movie comes on tv I have to watch it. It's just kind of one of my comfort movies, which will never be able to be explained...

Thir13en Ghosts

This is such a fun movie, and a really great idea (yes I know it's a remake but still...it translates better in modern times). The ghosts are effectively creepy and though the characters are mostly dumb and/or frustrating, they are still fun to watch.

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

This stars Erica Leerhsen (in the picture)! She's my horror queen! It also co-stars Crystal Lowe, and she is one of my top horror queens! The first one was okay to me, and I honestly wasn't expecting a lot with the 2nd one but I bought it anyway to have the sequel (just like I'll buy the 3rd), and I was pleasantly surprised. Awesome deaths, and very likeable characters for a change. The best straight to DVD movie & sequel.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

I don't like the original. I have no problems admitting that, I think this is honestly the most well-made remake ever. I loved the intensity of the entire movie throughout (and yes another Erica Leerhsen movie).


This is one of those older movies that I love so much, it's effectively awesome. Not scary at all, but really awesome. It makes you genuinely want to feel bad for the villain because the people getting killed (mostly) were pretty awful to her and deserved it. So yeah, great movie here.

Dead Alive aka Braindead

This is more along the lines of a cult hit, but it's easily a favorite among horror followers. This was actually the spot's first MOTM (who remembers that?). I love the copious amounts of awful gore, and the totally ridiculous and out there scenes. It's what makes this movie fun! You're not supposed to take it seriously, just have fun watching it!

Halloween (1978)

For not having any gore, this movie is genuinely creepy. You do NOT want to look outside your window and see Michael coming your way, trust me. I hate that it's been remade, the remake is dreadful (but Zombie, I still love you!). This is one movie that should have stayed as is. No sequels (though they're fun campy crap), no remakes. Just no franchise whatsoever. Sadly in the horror world, this is never possible.

High Tension aka Haute Tension

Okay this is a movie you either have EXTREME love for, or EXTREME hate for. To most of the horror world, it's a movie that doesn't make sense. And some scenes aren't "logical", but eh..you need to watch it to judge for yourself. Personally I have extreme love for this movie and always will. It's creative, gory, and pretty brutal which makes for a very happy Heather :)

The Unborn

I know, this is another movie everybody else hated. But I loved it, this one I DON'T understand why everyone hates. I guess everybody's a critic but...whatever. Odette Yustman was awesome in the movie, and I was genuinely surprised by and loved the ending. To you haters, I say WHATEVER!

Trailer Park of Terror

I love this movie! You might not have heard of it, but it's one of those straight to dvd movies which hello...clearly are the best. Basically it's about this messed up trailer park full of zombies or something. I don't know what they are, but anyway it's based off a comic book and they have this awesome Elvis wannabe guy who sings. HOW COOL IS THAT?! You must watch it!!