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Opinion by Sasunaru120 posted over a year ago
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1.When i was ten me and my best mate use to sleepover at each others houses on the weekends. It was my turn to sleepover at hers. In her room she had a bunk bed facing the window and i was sleeping on the top. We were watching tv and from her window you can see a row of houses and a row of trees. It was quite dark and for some reason i just looked out of the window and stared at the nearest tree, felt like someone was watching me. All of a sudden I saw this long black leg stick out from the tree and disappear!! I told my mate and when she looked nothing was there. It gave me chills whenever we played near them trees.

2.It was late at night and i had just done a fresh load of laundry. When the dryer was finished i took them upstairs. I went to put my father’s clothes in his room. I sat them on a dresser with a large mirror. When i looked up from putting the clothes down a sudden flash of a person or thing was looking straight at me with curious dark black eyes. The whole of the figure was white. I quickly looked back and the spirit was gone. But I think it was looking for my mother who claimed that there was a ghost that sat on a chair nearest to the window in her...
Review by walterwilliam37 posted over a year ago
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Horror, as a genre, might be newer than horror that was used as a common medieval art form.
It is a form of art, one that instills fear, which has been used since ages to scare our fellow beings, through tales that affect the less logical segments of our brain.
Right from the witless ballads of the primitive world to the mystic myths of the present, we have always enjoyed lending our senses to fearful tales that come straight out of those sadistic minds that script such films for us.
Not only this, from the adrenalin that gushes up our blood tubes to the consequences of our daring to deny dreadful rules and taboos of our society, we enjoy each and everything by going for Horror movies download.
Along with the thrills that these movies come packed with, they also reflect the dark and grey aspects of that particular period of human existence.
For example, the classic horror movie, Nosferatu, depicts a war-inflicted town cursed by epidemics and death apart from all the vampirism. Similarly, Blade highlighted the fear of those, who hold positions of power. Another interesting aspect of horror films is...
Opinion by bendaimmortal posted over a year ago
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I originally posted this on IMDB's board for "Pet Sematary".

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The kind that includes utterly disturbing and dark themes and images such as Stephen King's "Pet Sematary" or Wes Craven's "Nightmare on Elm Street". And by children I now mean people between ages 3-12. (I suppose 2-year olds would be too young to have any attention span to watch a movie.)

Yes, I know that young children do not necessarely get serious psychological issues from watching whatever horror, some may not even get nightmares. And I know children love horror. But there are so many possibilities in the genre that it doesn't really have to be THAT kind of horror to satisfy their little horror loving personalities.

As in what's the point of imprinting these kind of images and themes into such a young mind? A child aged 3 or even 7 can not possibly grasp the basic points and themes behind, ie. "Pet Sematary"'s story, not significantly well anyway so the great points and lessons of the story certainly aren't a valid reason. While those disturbing and dark images and themse certainly can not make anyone sane happier than they were prior to seeing the...