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Brandi2843 posted on Jul 21, 2008 at 08:50PM
Hi all --

Wanted to share the below with you from a client -- Joost.

It's another season of summer blockbusters, where special effects are rocking movies like The Dark Knight, Hancock and Hellboy II. We love special effects as much as the next person, but what would movies be like without them?

This week, Joost (www.joost.com) features low-budget, independent movies and other classic horror films from TROMA. Some of the movies now playing include ...

Poultrygeist – (link). Love, Hate, Revenge, and Chicken – what's not to love in this 2006 musical horror-comedy film? Find out if Arbie and his friends be able to survive the wrath of the chicken-Indian zombies? Will he ever win back the heart of his beloved Wendy?

Teenage Bikini Vampire – (link). Practically a modern-date Romeo and Juliet -- two worlds collide when a vampire chick falls for a surfer dude.

Godzilla – (link). Adapted from the 1954 Japanese film, this American black-and-white science fiction is a must-see classic!

Horror of the Zombies -(link). This film has it all all of your favorite horror-film stereotypical characters -- a professor, a rich guy, a greedy henchman, and gorgeous models

Go check it out at joost.com!


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over a year ago JohnB said…
I, personally, think that the skgaming-channel might be much more fun. :)