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Candyman (full movie)

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Submitted by bluej12 over a year ago


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crazyman said:
wow that scarey
posted over a year ago.
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The first part hooked me from the begining...I am watching the whole thing...its good! PART THREE scared me when he goes: HEARD YOU WERE LOOKIN' FOR CANDYMAN BITCH! YOU FOUND HIM! I'm on part 4 of 11!
Part TEN...its really good...and quite scary!
I'm afraid of saying his name five times in a mirror now...I wonder if this legen is true!
posted over a year ago.
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Just finished it...and it was amazing!

so now, the legend of Candyman and Helen are probably real...you never know...so if youre fearless (unlike me) I quadroopal (that means the number four) dog dare you to say CANDYMAN and or HELEN five times into your mirrow...lights on or off? doesn't matter! Then get back to me, and tell me what happened!

And is the legend of BLOODY MARY true?
posted over a year ago.