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Review by greekgirlA posted over a year ago
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hi i would like to invite every horse lover to breed your very own horses on the game howrse. it is realy fun and you can play on international and Europe and American and Asia and Oceania. i play on the us one and am called american girl. i would like to sponsor anyone and everyone that wants me to. i also play on international and have the name lil' miss me. i am having fun breeding my horses and completing the objectives. when you first get an account it gives you quests not objectives. but once you complete them you get objectives. on howrse you can sell horses, breed horses, compete with your horses, train your horses, take your horses on rides and do actions with them. your horses can be given black market objects such as the sea horse to give it a dressage bonus or a philosophers stone to give it immortality. you need passes to buy the objects or you can win them by completing your objectives. also, once you reach thirty days of seniority you can open an equestrian center and also put your horses into breeding farms. this game is realy fun and educational, i realy do recommend it. i am hoping to see you on...
Opinion by violetpinkgirl posted over a year ago
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I was sitting out in a field just wondering when will I ever get my dream horse I closed my eyes for a second and i heard a horse running towards me and i said "i know your there Colton (my little brother) and if your agervating me about my dream horse just leave" then i looked up and saw a beautiful black horse with a white star on it's head and i looked around and saw nobody and it already had a saddle and bridle on so i just hopped on it and urged it to go and it ran like the wind and I was having the time of my life i yelled WAHOOO and i guess my mom heard me because she ran out and yelled "Hey where are you first-aid kit or ambulance and i turned the horse around and went out of the woods and met my mom and she said "Where'd you get the horse ain't this your dream horse?" I said "yes" and my mom said "you can keep it" and i squeled today my horse's name is Misteria she is a girl who was 3 months pregnant with my new colt spirit.

List by flabaloobalah posted over a year ago
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- horse knee = human wrist, horse stifle = human knee, and horse hock = human heel

- a horse uses a liter of oxygen a minute when walking, and almost 60 liters of oxygen per minute when galloping

- horses use 10 percent less energy standing up than they do lying down.

- when people groom horses and ponies in the areas where horses "groom" each other (the neck, back, and shoulders), their heart rate decreases by about 11 percent.

- Xenphon (circa 430-355 BC), a general and historian from Greece, wrote a book about riding and training horses which described procedures still used today.

- horses and ponies have been shod (given horseshoes) since Roman times.

- the English Thouroughbred can be traced back to three Arabian stallions in the 17th and 18th centuries: Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian (King of the Wind, anyone?), and Byerley Turk.

- all American Morgan horses are descended from one stallion, which lived in Springfield, Massachusetts, and was named Justin Morgan after his owner.