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Celina79 posted on Mar 23, 2009 at 09:11AM
For all the Hotch & Emily Fans outthere:)

Here you can discuss everything you want about Hotch&Emily, episodes etc.

Have Fun and Enjoy!! :)

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over a year ago Celina79 said…
Ok, i'll start :)

I love Emily and Hotch since they first appeard on the show. That means Hotch is my fav since the first epi on season 1, and Emily since she first stepped into Hotch's Office! :D

I love them, they have such great personalities, they are strong, they love the job (they live the job), they have a great sense of humor (yes, both of them!) and I love how they work with the team, they care for all of them.

So, I think they would be a pretty couple, they match in everything.... Yes, I would love to see them together ;).

over a year ago Celina79 said…
Can't wait for the next new episode on April 8, hope we will see a lot of Hotch&Emily working together :).
over a year ago LadyMaeve said…
big smile
Ohhh I just saw this post! Wonderful! I want to talk here!
ok the first episode of CM I've ever seen it's the last one of the 3 season, and I onestly though Hotch was in Love with JJ 'cause he seemd so sad when she told them she was pregnant... after that I lost the show for a while, and got addicted with the vampire show Moonlight (ok i'm a huge vampire fan... XD) and after it was canceled, Alex O'Loughlin made a guest appereance in CM episode 4x22 the big wheel I started to see it was an intriguing show, then I came back home for summer holidays and saw Fox Crime was airing the 4th season and that's it.I saw 52 pickup and though that Hotch and Emily had to get together...then I saw the rerun of Minimal loss and got addicted to them :P
I think they're beautiful, and as Colette said they can understand each other's life perfectly...and she's so sweet i'm sure she will heal Hotch soul... I think he's been badly hurt by I want those two together *_*
over a year ago Celina79 said…
big smile
Oh, Federica you wrote here, and I didn't see it! *facepalm*
Did I mention, that I love this ship?! LOL :D
Ok, I know, but i'm so excited about the next episodes in Season 5, cant wait to see them!!!!!

over a year ago Simmy said…
I want them together, too!!

Colette do know where I can get CM video clips? I just really want to make a/some HotchEmily fanvid(s)
over a year ago criminalminds15 said…
Hey! As you know, I am a huge fan of H/P!! I have come up with their whole future which starts with me inviting the team to dinner and then locking them up!! Mwhahahaha! Oh my gosh! Can we plan their future here?! Please! That would be so cool! For me anyway!
over a year ago EmilyHotchner said…
I sooo love them... :) I want the Ep 100 to begin their relationship :)
over a year ago Celina79 said…
Hi EmilyHotchner, by the way I love your nickname!:D
Welcome to Fanpop and the Emily&Hotch club.

I'm a totally Hotch and Emily shipper too! Its great to see others here as well. :)And yes, let's hope we will see more of their growing relationship.:)
over a year ago Celina79 said…
Hey Girls and Boys ;)
Its so great that we have more active people here on this spot. I was nearly the only one here for months, and its so great to have new members here, who like the ship and talk about it.
Thank you!! I'm happy to see more of you here, and hope we can share more great and shippy moments of our couple.:D
over a year ago Dicsi said…
Couldn't agree with you more! Let's fill this little boat of love with more shippers and blow wind in those sails so we can sail all the way to the horizon! :D

(btw I love talking metaphorical as you might've noticed lol ;) )
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over a year ago Dicsi said…
Alright.. here is me thinking something..

A while ago there was an article where was said that a love interest for one of the team members might come up. To me it later pointed towards the Morgan/Tamara-thing. But Thomas Gibson says: "That's news to me, as team leader I'm not supposed to be in their private lives. And they better not bring it into the office - unless I'm getting a piece of the action". (­a6a­996­4d2­3cf­473­912)

Now that he isn't the team leader anymore.. he could be. So maybe he was talking about his own character getting a little action and having a love interest. And all the little hints the writers has been dropping us this season has really gotten my hopes up ;)

This just my mind playing tricks on me ;)
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over a year ago Celina79 said…
Hmmm, now that you say this about Hotch not beeing a unit chief, its possible.:D
I never looked it that way. I was also sure about Morgan and Tamara, when I first red the article. And I love how Thomas is giving answer to it, I mean the piece of action part.;) God, I so wish it would be him and Emily.
Anyway, I would be already happy with more brushes or hugs, you know, also the little things would make me squee.:)
I mean in Season 5 you can see that they are getting closer to each other, and they are talking more openly about feelings, so next step would be more physical things. Maybe we will see more about this next time or at 5x10. I really hope!
over a year ago mmu said…
Omg!!I need to see Emily and Hotch together!!! I have watched the last episodes and I can see how they look at each other!!!I think the like each other. I need to see something happening with this two! A kiss...a realionship! They can have a relationship and mantain it in secret! What do you think?
Spaniard fan!
over a year ago chouchou22 said…
You know I would be soooo desinpointed and sad if nothing happened between them.

over a year ago Celina79 said…
I wish it so much. But we have to hope that the writers see the same. And that's the problem, i'm not sure if they will ever write a relationship, but I wont give up till the very end of Criminal Minds, and this is not in the near future. So we still have hope, well I have.:)
over a year ago Dicsi said…
We just have to keep that hope alive :)

over a year ago mmu said…
Yes that´s right!We have to keep tha hope! It would be so great to see it! The writers should she it, pleaseee!!!We need it, don´t we? It would be great to have a love story on the show and why not emily and aaron? I don´t like Haley, I like emily for hotch, she cares so much for him!!! I know she is in love with him, otherwise why do they look at each other that way? why did she go to his place? why did she stay in hospital all day?and why did she take him home?
over a year ago Celina79 said…
I totally agree with you mmu, I was watching again at some pictures and in many of them its Emily watching at Hotch. Well, lets say she stares at him. But also on the show, it was obvicious that she watches at him more than he does at her.
And since 5x01 I think, Emily has feelings for Hotch, and with every episode till 5x09, I even more think that she has feelings for Hotch. What do you think??
And I really hope that we will see her going to his place once more, to take care of the Hotchner's.:)
over a year ago chouchou22 said…
Hey Girls !!! Wow I just realised I've nerver posted anythin on the H/E forum !!!!

So here I am!!

ITA with you muu, I realised too that when she looks at him, there's always a lot of emotions in hey eyes!

And just like you said Colette, since 5x01, It's obvious that she has feeling for him, and I'm not saying this because I want them to end up together. Even my mum has noticed it.
Actually, it struck me in 5x01, when she was in the hospital with him, waiting for him to wake up, especially the scene where he wakes up! I mean, did you see how she was looking at him when he woke up??! She looked like she was in love with him! and one again I'm not saying that beacause i'm a hardcore shipper ^^

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over a year ago chouchou22 said…
Hey y'all

I need your thoughts on something. I don't know if y'all read the article talking about Emily and her supposedly "girlfriend" (even though, like I say in an other post I sooooo don't buy it), but the article said that there were a lot a people who wanted to know if something was gonna happen between E/H.

So here's my question: Do you think the writers, producers etc..are aware about it??? If they are, do you think they'll do something about it?
over a year ago Celina79 said…
Hey Marie, glad you joined!:D

Yes, same here. I'm also not saying because i'm a shipper, I mean also others can see that look she has, when she watches at Hotch.
And yes, at 5x01, she really looked at him like she's in love.

In Season 4, she watched at him many times too, like 4x20 Conflicted, it was so funny how much she watched at him.
Or 4x09 52pickup, she is flirting with him.
But in Season 5, the look on her face is totally different, there is more feeling in her look.
Hmmmmm, I really want to know how this is going to develope in the show.

Hotch looked more at her in Season 3, I remember many times he watched at her, like in 3x04 Children of the Dark.
In Season 4, I sometimes had the feeling is like, he want to stay to professional, and not wanting to look at her to much.
And Season 5, is different again. He watches at her, not like she does at him, BUT finally he smiled at her!!! And the scene 5x02 in his apartment was very intense too.
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over a year ago chouchou22 said…
Yeahhhh He gave her THE SMIRK !!! Ahhhhh loool!!!

I wanna know how it's going to develop in the show too, I mean I hnow it's not The young and the restless ( God I loooooved it when Shemra was playin' Malcom !) but I hope their "relationhip" will grow and become something more !!

OMG, The appartment scene was very intense!! it made me love them even more.

over a year ago Seythia said…
Season 5 is very shippy in general,I guess.

Seriously.Out of all people, it was Emily who came to his appartment, it was Emily who kept looking for him,it was Emily who stayed by his side in the hospital,even though they had a case.
Seriously,that scenario was what I HOPED would happen.
I never thought it would!

(Oh dear, I'm so desperate... I wish they'd give us more xD)
over a year ago Celina79 said…
Yes, it totally is a very shippy season, well till now.;)
I remember the first time seeing 5x01, it was like WOW!! The whole summer we were waiting for this episode, and I never thought about so much H/P in one episode.
And yay, it happened, and I was the whole day smiling.:P LOL
Which I ususally don't do when I go to work.;)

You know, i'm so desperate too! And its good to know that others are as well.:D I really hope that we will see more! The whole thing is roling now, they better not stop it...
over a year ago chouchou22 said…
You're absolutuely right Colette, they'd better not stop it!! I'll be P**** ff otherwise!! I mean it would be really weird if suddenly they stopped it right?!
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