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Hotel Transylvania Fan fiction Article

Hotel Transylvania 2 or The Story of Me Part 4

Fan fiction by LilyDracula posted over a year ago
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And this is the part where I start panicking because I don't know what to do, or where to go or whats going to happen to me...

"Holy Rabies!!!Now what?! What if a human kills me or The sun kills me...." She was hiding behind a tree in the shade. She turned in to her normal form, and saw the box she was holding. She sat down and decided to open it. She first saw a picture of Martha, Mavis and Dracula. "I really do have a big sister and a dad...." She saw another picture, it was a picture of their house. She saw a map in side the box. It was the map of the whole world. There were two spots circled in red pen. One of the places that was circled was Oxford in England, and it said you are here. And the other one was circled around Transylvania in Romania. It said home. Both of the places were in Europe. Also in there was Martha's wedding ring. And at the very bottom of the box, there was a letter. It said...
I know it is hard for you to leave but you must do as I say. Humans won't be able to tell that you are a Vampire if you don't show your fangs, and your pale skin, and not turn in to a bat in front of them. You must go to where it's circuled home on your map. If you dad and Mavis is alive, you must live with them, if they aren't, there are a lot of monsters in Transylvania, so hopefully you will have a happy life with them. I didn't want to keep you trapped in one place forever, so I had to let you go. Be careful and farewell..
After she read this she was determined to find her dad and her sister, and hopefully ask them to help Martha escape. But she didn't know what to do, she then found a little jar, filled with little pills in side the box. There was a note attached to it.
Your dad gave me this, and this is very expensive so use it wisely. One pill has the strength to protect you from the sun for one whole day, but only take one when you need to..
She took one pill and and put every thing back in the box except for the map. She then saw one last thing fell out the box. It was a wallet with money. She didn't know any thing about money, but there was a lot!She put it in her pocket, then she stepped out of the shadow and hid her head, expecting to start getting sun burns.... but she didn't. She continued to walk around and then she stopped and looked at the town, and she was amazed!
"Wow, I ve never seen ant thing like this..." She stopped by at a shop and there was a TV and it said.."Use Gracie's make to change the colour of you skin for just £9.99!" She looked at the humans and saw how darker they were than her so she went in the shop and came out with a skin colour that looked exactly like the humans skin colour. She still had some left so she decided to save it for when the make up started to wear off.
She didn't know where to go, so she decided to finally talk to a human. She stopped a woman and asked "Excuse me can I ask you a really easy question for just one second? Im sorry!" The woman war a big gold bage that said police officer, and she had lots of scary looking equipment. "Of corse you can!" She took out her map. "Thank you so much! Any way Im trying to get to here!" She pointed at Transylvania. The police looked at her in a funny way."Well first you have to go on a air plane to Romania and then" "WAIT! How do i go on a air plane? Don't I need to bye a saddle? And can you catch and air plane, or do you have to buy one?" The police decided to help her, by telling her what an air plane is and directing her to the air port.
She had finished explaning to her what an air plane is and booked her a flight to Romania for tomorrow that came with a flight attendence guide. She paid the police and smiled at her. "Thank you! I don't know what to say!" "Where is you mom or dad?" "Well my mom is down in the museum and she told me to go to my dad and he's in Transylvania!" "Oh... Ok! And how old are you?" "Im one hundred and one!" "Ok.. you mean 11?" "If I was 11, I would still be a baby!" "Well any way, I also called a taxi to come and pick you up at 7am, tomorrow so don't be late, so you should start packing now! Bye and have a safe trip! Im happy to help you! Whats you name?" "Im... ummm... sweet hart? No ummm sweet fangs?? ummm" "Never mind! Im Jessie and I hope you stay safe!" Jessie walked over to her car and zoomed off.
"What is my name... Mom never gave me one..." She took the box and turned in to a bat and sleeped on a tree. She was very tired because she stayed up all day, she usually sleepes during the day...
She woke up and saw the taxi waiting for her. She quickly turned in to a human, grabbed the box and ran over to it. "Ouch!" She hid back in the shadow. The sun had burnt her, she took the pill quickly, and was still freaked out. She stood in front of the taxi and a human came out. "Do you want me to put your luggage in the back?" "Im I don't have any luggage and If i had some luggage, I don't want to put it on my back!" "Umm ok, so you are going to the Oxford air port?" "Yes!" The human opened the door and she climed in. "Please out on your seat belt just to be safe." "Umm were is my seat belt? What is a seat belt?" The man helped her with her seat belt and started to drive. "Holy Rabies! This is so cool! How long do I have to be in hear?" "Just for an hour." "Ok!"
She stared out the window, realizing how much she missed, and how great this world is! But she was also worried... What if her dad and sister was dead.... how is she going to save her mom?
And will she even make it to Transylvania....

To be continued...
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