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inmate62890 posted on Jul 25, 2007 at 07:18PM
Post your top ten hottest actors in order... ps. do not criticize others on who they like, its their opinion.

1. Wentworth Miller
2. Orlando Bloom
3. Leonardo Dicaprio
4. Jensen Ackles
5. Milo Ventimiglia
6. Ioan Gruffudd
7. Hayden Christensen
8. Jared Padalecki
9. Jake Gyllenhaal
10. Dominic Purcell

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over a year ago frankie_fan said…
1. James Dean <33
2. Ian Somerhalder
3. Johnny Depp
4. Hayden Christensen
5. Christian Slater (in Heathers!)
6. Tim Curry (young)
7. Alex Pettyfer
8. Bradley Cooper
9. Mark Salling
10. John Travalts (young, in Grease)
over a year ago captainLissa said…
1-Elijah Wood
2-David Wenham
3-Karl Urban
4-Jonathan bennett
5-Jake Abel
6-Jamie Campbell Bower
7-Lucas Grabeel
8-Garrett Hedlund
9-Ed Speleers
10-Michael Copon
over a year ago hickersa said…
I totally agree thank you for this list!
over a year ago anglesean said…
1. Hunter Parrish (Weeds)
2. Danny Jamieson (not an actor but was on Real World: Austin)
3. Zac Efron
4. Leonardo DiCaprio
5. Tom Felton
6. Orlando Bloom
7. Darren Criss (Glee)
8. Chord Overstreet (Glee)
9. Patrick Dempsey
10.Heath Ledger
over a year ago victoria7011 said…
1.Mark Salling
2.Alex Walkinshaw
3.Chord Overstreet
4.Zac Efron
5.Heath Ledger
6.Matt Lanter
7.Ed weswtick
8.Neil Mcdermott
9.Justin Bieber
10.Scott Maslen
over a year ago s0nsh1ne said…
1.Johnny Depp
2.Justin Bieber (though I'm not sure you can say he's really an actor)
3.Ian Somerhalder
4.Chace Crawford
5.Chad Michael Murray
6.Zac Efron
7.Sterling Knight
8.Jensen Ackles
9.Jared Padalecki
10.Paul Wesley
over a year ago dg7951 said…
1. Ian Somerhalder
2. Jared Padalecki
3. Tom Welling
4. Jensen Ackles
5. Orlando Bloom
6. James Franco
7. Misha Collins
8. Karl Urban
9. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
10. Hayden Christensen

.... and just because i can't NOT include him in the list, I'm cheating and adding #11
11. Alex Pettyfer
over a year ago Tasha1993 said…
In no particular order. (I just can't arrange them.)
1.) Sean Biggerstaff
2.) Chace Crawford
3.) Jensen Ackles
4.) James Franco
5.) Hayden Christensen
6.) Chad Michael Murray
7.) Milo Wentimiglia
8.) Ryan Plillippe
9.) Robert Pattinson
10.)Jared Leto(With short hair)
If I could put more people, i'd put Josh Duhamel, Zac Efron and Daniel Radcliffe in it.(Their hot too.)
I'm sure i missed out a lot of hot actors but since there are only 10 spots these would be my top 10.
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over a year ago Alexander_Rybak said…
1. Ian Somerhalder
2. James Franco
3. Orlando Bloom
4. Wentworth Miller
5. Ed Westwink
6. Zac Efron
7. Dominic Purcell
8. Ashtion Kutcher
9. Tom Felton
10. Robert Sean Leonard
over a year ago BeanieSparrow said…
1. Johnny Depp
2. Orlando bloom
3. Peter Facinelli
4. Matt Smith
5.Davbid Tennant
6. (they guy who plays the captian in a doctor who episode called curse of the black spot)
7. Ian Mcshane(when he was younger)
8. (u know how hard this is) Geoffry Rush(when younger)
9. Kellan Lutz
10. Daniel Radcliffe
over a year ago tickelyevil said…
1.Josh Hartnett
2.Paul Wesley
3.Timothy Olyphant
4.Tom Hardy
5.Logan Marshall-Green
6.Bradley James
7.Sam Worthington
8.Chris Hemsworth
9.Johnny Knoxville
10.Bam Margera

Phew that was hard!­hea­rt.­jpg
over a year ago emmalouisee said…
ian somerhalder
paul wesley
steven mcqueen
michael trevino
and all the vampire diaries cast ;)
over a year ago Narusasu4EVER said…
1.Jason Isaacs
2.Jason Isaacs
3.Jason Isaacs
4.Jason Isaacs
5.Jason Isaacs
6.Jason Isaacs
7.Jason Isaacs
8.Jason Isaacs
9.Jason Isaacs
10.Jason Isaacs
No,no i'm not obsessed XD

Well here is my top 10
1.Jason Isaacs
2.Tom Felton
3.Johnny Depp
4.Rupert Grint
5.Christian Coulson
6.Alan Rickman
7.Sean Biggerstaff
8.Ian Somerhalder
9.Justin Chambers
10.Eric Dane
over a year ago sexxiemogirl said…
mark wahlberg, jesse spencer, robert pattinson, ben affleck, zac efron, hugh grant, johnathan rhys meyers, heath ledger, wentworth miller, sam huntington
over a year ago 1nina said…
& more...i'm not XD "I'M A DEPP"
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over a year ago MrsHartnett said…
Im gona cheat n put 20! lol

1 Josh Hartnett
2 Sean Farris
3 Shiloh Fernandez-(in red riding hood)
4 Paul Wesley
5 Micheal Trevino
6 Charlie Hunnum
7 Alex Greeves
8 Logan Marshall Green
9 Hayden Christensen
10 Trevor Donovan
11 Tom Hughs
12 Steven Straight
13 Johnny Knoxville
14 Danny Dyer
15 Enrique Inglasis
16 Ian Somerhalder
17 Mark Wahlberg
18 Jason Behr
19 Zac Efron
20 Freddie Prince JR
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over a year ago silver227 said…
Mine is (not in order) :

Ian Somerhalder
Jared Padalecki
Jensen Ackles
Wentworth Miller
Ian Harding
Jonathan Bennett
Daren Kagasoff
Alexander Skarsgard
Shane West (in A Walk To Remember)
Chad Michael Murray (in OTH)
over a year ago rosewaterlove said…
1. Alex Pettyfer
2. Rob Lowe
3. C. Thomas Howell
4. Matt Dillon
5. Tom Cruise
6. Ashton Kutcher
7. Patrick Swayze
8. Justin Timberlake
9. Andy Samberg
10. Ralph Macchio
over a year ago aman8100 said…
it is so hard to choose i have some many more...anyway
1. ben browder
2.david boreanaz
3. jensen ackles
4. gerard butler
5.michael shanks
6.john krasinski
7.rupert grint
8.jared padalecki
9.david tennant
10. jason dohring
over a year ago ros59 said…
1.Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter,Harry James Potter)
2.Taylor Lautner(Twilight)
3.Rupert Grint(Harry Potter,Ron Weasley)
4.Tom Felton(Harry Potter,Draco Malfoy)
5.Peter Facinelli(Twilight)
6.Nathan Kress(iCarly)
7.Adrian Rawlins(Harry Potter's dad)
8.Chord Overstreet(Glee)
9.Ralph Fiennes(Harry Potter,Lord Voldemort)
10.Jackson Rathbone(Twilight)

All the above are sexy!
over a year ago wacko4jacko said…
1 - Daniel Radcliffe
2 - Johnny Depp
3 - John Barrowman
4 - Orlando bloom
5 - Zach Braff

thats all i got so far lol,
over a year ago blah12345678910 said…
1.Leonardo dicaprio
2.Nathan Kress
3.Daniel Radcliff
4.Patrick dempsy
5.Cole sprouse
6.drake bell
7.Zac effron
8.kick Jonas
9.Joe Jonas
10.Justin bieber

my list is sad I know Justin bieber isn't a good singer and not very many people like him and niether do I but u have to admit he is cute
over a year ago leo4ever said…
1. LEONARDO DICAPRIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Leo
3. Leo
4. Leo
5. Leo
6. Leo
7. Leo
8. Leo
9. Leo
10. Alex Pettyfer
over a year ago lauren2121 said…
1.Nico Mirallegro
2.Hunter Parish <3
3.Alex Day
4.Dougie Poynter
5.Mark Salling
6.Ciaran Griffiths
7.Russell Howard <3 <3 <3
8.Pete Wentz
9.Dominic Monaghan
10. Eric Szmanda
over a year ago saramanusson said…
1. Jensen Ackles.
2. Mark Wahlberg.
3. James Lafferty.
4. Ben Affleck.
5. Jared Padalecki.
6. Jeremy Renner.
7. Justin Bieber.
8. Robert Buckley.
9. Paul Walker.
10. Chad Michael Murray.