Hottest Actors Hottest Actor with Blue/Grey Eyes?

Pick one:
Brad Pitt
Chace Crawford
Chad Michael Murray
Daniel Craig
Daniel Radcliffe
David Duchovny
Hugh Grant
Hugh Laurie
Jensen Ackles
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Julian McMahon
Leonardo DiCaprio
Rupert Grint
Tom Welling
Viggo Mortensen
Wentworth Miller
Zac Efron
James Lafferty
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James McAvoy
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Patrick Dempsey
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Jonathan Jackson
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Gabriel Byrne
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Elijah Wood
Jared Leto
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Michael Weston
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paul walker
paul walker
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Ian Somerhalder
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Chris Pine
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John Barrowman
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Matt Bomer
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Robert Pattinson
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