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How Ravi Patel Became A Working Actor

Top 10 Hottest Male Stars of 2018

Zac efron is the hotest thing ever

How Does An Actor Earn Respect? by Clifton Collins Jr.

John Barrowman Panel at San Diego Comic Con

Not Being Prepared For An Acting Audition by Chad Lindberg

10 Truths About Being A Professional Actor In Hollywood by Chad Lindberg

Wanting To Be An Actor And Nothing Was Going To Stop It by Chad Lindberg

Callan McAuliffe Reveals His Dream Acting Role and A Lot More

Top 10 Hottest British and Irish Actors

Top 10 Sexiest Canadian Male Celebrities

Starting An Acting Career In New York - Full Interview with Chasen Schneider

An Actor Has To Know Their Type Before They Can Challenge It by Chasen Schneider

7 Hottest 90's Heartthrobs You Might've Forgotten

How I Booked My First Paid Acting Job by Chasen Schneider

Are Actors Afraid Of Directors? by Tyler Johnson & Pascal Payant

First Time I Met The Actors In Person Was On The Movie Set by Tyler Johnson & Pascal Payant

Pros and Cons Of A Skype Acting Audition by Tyler Johnson & Pascal Payant

Starting An Acting Career In Los Angeles with Anthony Fanelli

Casting The Right Actor For A Role by Tyler Johnson & Pascal Payant

50,000 Acting Submissions For 2 Roles by Tyler Johnson & Pascal Payant

Why Do Actors Like Playing Outsiders? by Chasen Schneider

Top 10 Hottest Men 2016

An Actor’s Personal Problems Will Manifest In Their Work by Tyler Johnson & Pascal Payant

It's Always The Lowest Moment Between Acting Jobs When I Book The Next One by Joseph Cross

When An Actor Has To Develop A Character Fast by Sheldon A. Smith

Should An Actor Start Their Career In LA or NY? by Chasen Schneider

The Pressure An Actor Faces To Be On Social Media by Joseph Cross

What New York Actors Don’t Realize About Los Angeles by Tyler Johnson & Pascal Payant

If An Actor Can Remember Exactly How They Did It, It Probably Wasn’t Any Good by Chasen Schneider

How To Decide On An Acting Teacher by Chasen Schneider

Who Should Be An Actor? by Chasen Schneider

Is It Smart For A Filmmaker To Cast Beautiful Actors? by Tyler Johnson & Pascal Payant

Ryan Phillippe Gives Robin Quivers A Lap Dance

When Should An Artist Have A Plan B? by Tyler Johnson & Pascal Payant

What Did Dennis Quaid Buy After Earning His First Big Paycheck?

Jensen Ackles playing guitar and singing *Angeles*

Joey - Saturday Night Fever

Hot Actors - On My Radar

Chad Michael Murray & Herschel Faber on CAVEMEN Movie & Dating in LA

The #1 Reason Why Actors Hate Acting Auditions by Ben Gleib

Johnny Depp Plays Guitar at the Details 2014 Cover shoot

Benedict Cumberbatch does Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love' Walk - The Graham Norton Show on BBC America

Saturday Night Fever Dog Food

Pool Bowling with Hugh Jackman

Jeff Goldblum Sings His Own Jurassic Park Theme Lyrics

Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund Ice Bucket Challenge

Colton Haynes & Emily Bett Rickards Ice Bucket Challenge

Peter Facinelli ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmayne ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

RDJ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Liam Hemsworth ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Chris Hemsworth 2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

My sexy model Ryan!!

@joeylawrence @_AndyLawrence_ & Matt Lawrence are working on music together!

Multi-Male || Sex Bomb

multimales collab | what do I with a boy like you?

►Multi-Male | Whistle | Collab

Justin Timberlake Shaking his body (Sexy Dance) Live

The Comebacks - Baseball Scene with Matthew Lawrence

The Comebacks - Michelle and Lance/Fighting scene

John singing Thats The Way It Is.

John singing : You Raise Me Up

John singing Mandy.

John singing Hollywood.

John - A Thousand Years

John on his birthday.

John Barrowman singing Skyscraper.

John Barrowman duet with Ashleigh Gray.

John Barrowman from bed.

John Barrowman singing This Is The Moment.

j2 "You Make Me Smile"

One Day of Jephen / John & Stephen (The Tomorrow People)

Jensen Ackles playing guitar and singing! <3<3

Justin Timberlake - TKO (Short-Sexy Version)

MultiHotties Dark City

Czech hottie Vojtěch Dyk sings Home

Paul Walker Tribute Video:His Best Fast&Furious Moments

Paul Walker - Eight Below 2006

Paul Walker Tribute

Justin Bieber // All that Matters

Paul Walker Tribute // I Was Here (by Beyonce)

Paul Walker Dies at 40 (1973-2013) RIP - (HD)

Handsome Czech actor Vojtěch Dyk sings

John with Eve oft the FedCon 22 in Düsseldorf

John with Eve of the FedCon 22 in Düsseldorf at 12. 05. 2013

John with Eve of the FedCon 22 in Düsseldorf at 12.05.2013

John and Eve in Düsseldorf auf der FedCon 22 2013

John Barrowman, Patrick Muldoon, Casper van Dien, singing on stage COMPLETE

"Home and Away" - Romeo and Indi - broken strings

Summertime Sadness | Derek & Stiles

Tom Hiddleston on Chatty Man

John Barrowman gets close cut

John Barrowman launches Hearing Dogs Awards 2013

My edit

WINNING! - Charlie Sheen

Naturally Skeet Ulrich

Matthew Lawrence Red Carpet

Torchwood Children of Earth: Up Close With John Barrowman

Torchwood - John and Naoko interview