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The fans pick: You are House, you punch him in the nipple just to see the reaction
The fans pick: CANCER MOBILE, AWAYYYYYY! [love teh Wilson, lawl.]
The fans pick: You are House, Cuddy is siding with you and Cameron is yelling at you, WTF!
The fans pick: yes, totally hate her.
I really don&# 39; t care
The fans pick: Mixed narration/ all of them
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ImAnEasel said …
I've set up some discussion topics in the forums, if anyone is bored and wants to talk about House. =^^= I'm advertising them here because forums don't appear on people's updates, or perhaps my updates are just glitched or something... Posted 3 months ago
ImAnEasel said …
Kutner should be on the banner. >:''( Posted 5 months ago
candylover246 commented…
LOL 5 months ago
misanthrope86 commented…
I think there was some discussion about that at the time. I agree: he should be on there! 5 months ago
ninjasnow commented…
Agreed! 5 months ago
ninjasnow said …
I'm new to fanpop and just checking out the House md fanpage <333 Posted 6 months ago