Next morning when Cuddy wakes up, House is looking at her.
‘Hi there...’
‘Hello...’ She touches her belly.
‘Hi to you too, buddy!!’
Lisa chuckles. ‘It was a bit weird before... It felt strange...’ She looks at him. ‘But I liked it.’
‘Of course it was strange... there was someone else in bed with us!!’
‘You’d better get used to it!’
‘Oh God...’
‘What?’ Lisa asks.
‘I'll have to get used to having a "menage a trois" every time we're gonna make out...’
‘You have a wish to cross off your list then.’ Jokes Cuddy.
‘My fantasy didn't include a child taking part in it... but I guess I can cross it out anyway...’
‘Any other wish that I can make true so you can cross it out, too?’
‘Thanks to you I crossed out the best wish I could imagine some months ago...’
Lisa smiles and blushes slightly. ‘Ding ding ding. That deserves a kiss.’ She approaches and kisses him gently. ‘That was very sweet.’
‘I can't explain how it came from me... I must have read it somewhere...’ Greg jokes.
‘Let’s say that it just came... I won’t tell anyone.’ She winks.
‘Phew... thanks... that's a relief!!’
She smiles and looks at the time. ‘We have to go to work.’
‘Right... duty calls...’

When they're ready they go to the car and go to the hospital to work.
‘See you at lunch.’ She gives him a kiss.
‘See ya!!’ House go to his office and she goes to hers.
After the whole morning working, at lunch time she goes to the cafeteria and sits down while she waits for him.
‘Hey... how is it going?’ He gives her a quick kiss.
‘Can’t complain. How was your day?’
‘Boring, tiring, outrageous...’
She chuckles. ‘Why?’
‘Why? I'm working... diseases come with patients, and the worst part of that is the patients’...’
‘I still don’t understand why you became a doctor. If you weren’t so good...’
‘I wanted to treat diseases... not patients, but you can't have them separated... anyway, how's behaving Hugh James this morning?’
‘He’s been a good boy, not like his dad...’
‘Let's start a revolution buddy!!!’ House says bowing and approaching to her belly.
‘Don't listen to him Hugh, or one of these days you will sleep with him in the couch...’
‘Damn it!!’
After a while they finish eating. ‘Well... let’s go back to work for a couple of hours...’
House yawns. ‘Oh Christ... this is gonna be hard...’
They stand up and leave the cafeteria. ‘Don’t complain... I’ll see you in a while.’
House nods. ‘See you later...’
House walks towards the elevator but Lisa holds his arm, gets closer, gives him a hug and kisses him. ‘Sorry, I needed to do that... Hugh James’ fault...’
Greg smiles at her. ‘It's a pity I can't blame anyone else for this...’ He kisses her sweetly and she smiles.
‘See you later.’

They go to their offices and work during the rest of the afternoon. When she finishes, she goes to the hall to meet him. House finishes a bit later than usual and goes to the hall. She is waiting there. ‘Hi again...’
‘Hello... What were you doing??’
‘Pretending I was working... no, wait... I was really working...’
‘That's good... But I already love you, I don't need you working more hours. Actually you don't need to do that to have me in bed lying next to you...’
‘Oh, where have you been all these years??!!’ He chuckles.
‘Working I guess... You were too busy playing with your ball.’
‘Guilty!! Well.. let's go, I don't feel like staying here any longer...’
They go out of the hospital and he drives home.

‘Phew... I'm exhausted...’
She sits next to him. ‘Hmm then let's eat something and go to bed early, okay?’ She kisses his cheek.
‘Sure...’ He smiles and gives her a kiss. ‘You look even prettier now since you're pregnant, you knew it?’
Cuddy blushes a little. ‘Oh really? I thought I just looked fatter.’ She smiles. ‘I think I look better since I have you.’
Greg smiles at her and gives her another kiss. ‘Well... what do you want for dinner?’
‘Whatever. What I actually want is going to bed... I feel a bit tired, I mean...’ He smiles. ‘Well, let’s see what we can have, I can help you.’
She chuckles. ‘Right...’
After cooking together, they go to the table to eat. ‘I’m so excited about this... About our baby, all the things we have to do from now on... All the things we’ve gone through.’ Lisa says. House holds her hand and smiles at him.
‘This is just the beginning...’

To be continued...

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