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caramelmilk posted on Sep 05, 2010 at 02:54PM
Welcome to the Stock/Fashion LIMS
inspired by my immense love for stock-join the stock spot, people!

Every week or so (I say "or so", because I will try to coordinate this thingy with the RGGC - so that you can make icons here while the RGGC pick is up and I'm not sure how well that will work out...we'll see)I will post 3 stock pictures and the people who take part in this, will choose one of these and submit 1 icon.

At the end of the week/or when the deadline is over, a pick will go up and fans will vote for the icons they like best.The icon maker's icon with the least votes for that week will be eliminated until 1 person is left- the winner :D

RULES (taken from the huddy lims and altered-i hope om doesn't mind :D *whistle*)
- The entries must be your own work
- You must post them in the spot and then post a link here on the forum otherwise your entry will not be counted
-Everyone gets 1 skip, that means you can miss 1 round without getting eliminated!
- You must make the deadline set for the round otherwise you will be automatically eliminated.
(except for when you still have your skip)
- You must follow the rules for the round which will be posted under each topic
- Your icon must be between 100x100 & 200x200
- Your icon must be made from 1 of the stock images
- You may only submit 1 icon
- You may NOT use combinations of the stock images// choose only 1 image!
- You absolutely can NOT ask others to vote for your icon and you can not link others to the pick hinting to them they should vote for YOUR icon. Anything like that will get you kicked out.
- Have Fun!

------------------OUT huddysmacked(round2)
------------------OUT 3lzyx* (round 6)
------------------OUT housefrk (finale)
------------------WINNER Aivi
------------------OUT miss_orange(round 1)
------------------OUT Epetrus (finale)
------------------OUT reminisce(round 3)
------------------OUT misanthrope86*(round 4)
------------------OUT thirteen_times(round 5)
------------------OUT House_Anatomy (round 5)
------------------OUT XXwhy_meXX(round 1)
------------------OUT lovehousemd_frv(round2)
------------------OUT ThornedRose (round 3)
------------------OUT Paramore-CSI (R6)
------------------OUT House_Anatomy* (R3)
------------------OUT misanthrope86* (R4)
------------------OUT 3lzyx (R7)
------------------OUT Aivi (finale)
------------------OUT thirteen_times (R1)
------------------OUT housefrk
------------------OUT Cuddles (finale)
------------------OUT miss_orange (R5)
------------------OUT XXwhy_meXX (R5)
------------------WINNER reminisce
------------------OUT lovehousemd_frv* (R2)
------------------OUT Chandlerfan (R7)
------------------OUT Epetrus (R3)

~Sign Up Now~

-----------------OUT misanthrope86* (R2)
-----------------OUT carolbaltazar* (R1)

*-> skip

Round 4 pictures:

PLEASE note that you have to choose ONE picture and can NOT combine them.
Due date: June 26th 23:00 GMT+1

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over a year ago huddysmacked said…
I want to be in :DDDD
over a year ago huddysmacked said…
Though I suck a lot in making icons, scrap that, in making graphics in general but I love stock, so I'll be in :D
over a year ago caramelmilk said…
^nonsense , you rock!
over a year ago 3lzyx said…
Hey!I want in too :) thanks!
over a year ago housefrk said…
I'll do it! I've never really made stock icons before. I guess we'll see how it goes...
over a year ago Aivi said…
I'm in too!
over a year ago caramelmilk said…
Awesomesauce =D
over a year ago miss_orange said…
I Guess I'm In, But i don't understand The Relation with RGGC...
over a year ago caramelmilk said…
^The relation is to coordinate it so that people don't have to make stuff for both contests at the same time ;) So when one pick is up you can do icons for the other contest and the other way round.
over a year ago Epetrus said…
I'm in! :)
over a year ago reminisce said…
i can try baby
over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
big smile
I demand entry into this contest! LOL.
If I'm not voted out in the first round, it will be a miracle, but I promise y'all I will go down in a blaze of glory!
over a year ago thirteen_times said…
I'm in but I'll probaly be the first one out
over a year ago caramelmilk said…
The two new zealanders with teh huge self-confidence are in too.
over a year ago House_Anatomy said…
I am in!
over a year ago XXwhy_meXX said…
Can I Be in??????????
pretty Please!!!!
over a year ago lovehousemd_frv said…
big smile
*runs from her contryside with cows after her*I'm innnnnnnnnn
over a year ago Paramore-CSI said…
I am soo inn!!!!!!!
over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
big smile
Just letting y'all know that the next RGGC pick is going up tomorrow (9 September for some of y'all, 10 September for others)!

I'm so excited about this. <-- DORK!
over a year ago Paramore-CSI said…
lool but your an epic dork missy
over a year ago caramelmilk said…
^Thanks for letting us know!
over a year ago caramelmilk said…
First round is up- You have 5 days to get your icon in!
over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
over a year ago Aivi said…
And here's mine:­lin­ks/­154­303­64

Damn you FP and your poor quality! DX
over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
^ I know right?! My icon looks like poo. I posted another icon for a contest in the Lie To Me spot earlier - looks like FUZZ on Fanpop, but is crystal clear in my computer! *shakes fists at Fanpop gods* End of rant.