My first CSI:NY/House, M.D. crossover fic so I hope you enjoy it. It's really dark at the beginning and many might not like it but trust me it gets better and HuddySMackedfans you will love it. Please leave comments and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Our Lives

Chapter 1: Payback

New York Police Department Crime Scene Investigation Detectives Stella Bonasera and Mac Taylor were on their way to meet some friends at a restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey on May 18th 2007. They were going to meet Dr. Lisa Cuddy, a long time friend of Stella’s and her boyfriend Dr. Gregory House. They arrived at the restaurant which served high priced fancy foreign cuisine they had everything from Italian food to Indian to your good old fashioned hamburgers and fries. The four friends sat down at a booth towards the back of the restaurant and the waiter took their drink orders and passed out menus. Stella and Lisa each ordered iced tea and a margarita while Mac and Greg ordered beer. They each went over their menus and decided what they were going to eat. They placed their orders and about twenty minutes later the waiter arrived with their food. After they were finished the four of them headed to Mac and Stella’s hotel room. Before they knew it the lights went off and some smacked Mac and Greg in the head with a baseball bat. About thirty minutes later they came too and realized Lisa and Stella were gone. Mac and Stella had been dating a few months as had Greg and Lisa so needless to say Mac and House were worried about where their girlfriends had disappeared too. Mac tried calling out Stella’s name and House looked everywhere for Lisa. Going into cop mode Mac called 911 and reported two missing women and gave their descriptions to the operator. Greg searched around frantically quickly losing his temper at not being able to find Lisa or Stella. They made their way to Mac’s car and headed for the police station.
Stella woke up first and realized she and Lisa had both been stripped of all of their belongings, had been changed into different clothes, and were now laying in a bed together. She gently shook Lisa until she woke up and asked her if she was okay. Lisa said she had been drugged and that Stella probably had as well. All of a sudden they heard a voice over an intercom coming from another room.
“Detective Bonasera it’s nice to see you again.” the voice said.
“Who are you? What do you want with us?” Stella asked, very worried.
“Do you remember Richard Downey? You sent him to prison last year well I am his father and you are going to pay for what you did to my son.”
“Mr. Downey you have a grudge against me I can see but what does this have to do with Lisa Cuddy?”
“Dr. Cuddy does the name Elizabeth Downey ring any bells?”
“Elizabeth Downey was a patient that Dr. House and I treated a few months ago there was nothing we could do for her she had a rare untreatable illness. We tried to save her but couldn’t I’m sorry for your loss but please don’t do this!”
“The two of you along with your now boyfriends ruined my children’s lives and now you will all pay.”
“Where are Mac and Greg? Are you holding them captive as well? If you hurt them you sick son of a bitch you will never live to tell about it!” Stella was now pissed and saying whatever came into her head.
The man started to laugh and replied back to Stella,
“Oh Detective there you are completely wrong your boyfriends are safe and frantically searching for the two of you but rest assured they will never find you. The two of you are the main ones responsible for what happened to my children so therefore you will pay more than your boyfriends.”
Stella tried to move but then realized she was tied down to the bed as was Lisa they were both completely powerless.
“Now in about an hour my accomplice here is going to come in and show the two of you torture you could never dream of.”
“You’re never going to get away with this Mac is a cop he will find us and he will kill you for hurting us.”
“Well he will not find you in time the two of you are about to learn a whole different kind of pain.”
“Stella this can’t be happening! That man is going to rape us!”
“Oh Dr. Cuddy, golden star for you! He is going to do more than that though and believe me you will never forget it. You two bitches will pay for what you have done.”
Stella closed her eyes and tried to pretend that this was just a horrible nightmare. Sadly that wasn’t the case.