After their little talk with Wilson they dedice to go to Hyde Park. They walk for a while until House has to rest because of his leg, then they sit on a bech. ‘You used to come here with Stacy too?’
‘When we were in London yes... sometimes... Are you gonna ask me every little detail about my relationship with her??’
No, God, I don't wanna know every little detail... It was just a question, I was curious. I asked if we are in the same hotel where you were when you came here with her. I'm not asking... I don't know... if you had more fun with her or with me... It’s not a big deal!’
‘But you're interested on what we did together here. You're refreshing my mind constantly, you know, about the past...’
‘Sorry I don't want to bother you, is you who have brought me here, I didn't know that you brought her here too. David’s appearance everywhere we go is also refreshing my mind.’
House lies his chin on his cane. ‘No, well.... you don't bother me... and it's not my fault if David is omnipresent.’
‘Is not my fault either and I don't wanna be your new Stacy or Stacy's substitute.’
‘I know it's not your fault, and I don't want you to be like Stacy or her substitute.’ House sighs. ‘It's been a long time... really long time. I think I haven't seen her since all my leg thing happened. But I'm not looking forward to seeing her, you know.’
Cuddy remains in silence. ‘I saw her two years ago, she wanted to see you again.’
‘Really?? Where was she??’ asks House surprised.
‘She was visiting her parents and came some days to Princeton. She was living in my house, you were in a congress or something like that, I don't remember.’
‘In your house??!!! Well... thanks for telling... And she told you why she wanted to see me??’
‘Well she was pretty... open with me, I mean, she told me many things that happened to her these past years and told me that she... hadn't forgotten you...’
‘Okay. If you see her again and she asks you about me... just don't say anything that has something to do with me.’
‘Why? Why do you hate her? You’re still alive partly thanks to her.’
‘I don't hate her... I just don’t wanna know about her...’
‘Okay, okay I won't talk about her again...’ Cuddy remains in silence looking at the ground for a while, then House pushes her shoulder slightly with his. ‘What?’
‘Nothing...’ He kisses her.

They stand up and keep walking through the park. House looks at her from the corner of his eye. ‘You’re very quiet, what are you thinking?’
‘Hmm I was thinking about Michigan... when we met.’
‘About Michigan...?? It was really long time ago.’
‘Yeah, I know...’
‘Uh huh... What a crazy time, uh?? Do your remember when we met??’
‘Oh yes, how to forget! You were a pimp.’
‘Well, let's not talk about you "Miss I'm too busy studying to talk to you"!!’
‘I was always very busy studying, not like you, and I didn't want to talk to you...’
‘Come on!! Why?? You must recognise that you liked to talk to me. You had fun and you thought I was really interesting, smart and, let's say it, handsome.’
Cuddy chuckles. ‘I liked that you always tried to talk to me, it was fun. I thought you were an interesting lunatic and too much dropout for me...’
‘Dropout?? Well, you didn't have much social life, uh??’
‘I had a social life, it just doesn’t involved you, and that killed you.’
‘It involved me gradually...’
‘Very gradually...’
‘Yeah, but it did.’ He smiles slightly.
‘Sometimes you were a complete nuisance.’
House dishevels her hair. ‘Did I improve that fact??’
‘Quite the contrary...’ They keep walking remembering old times... good times. ‘Did you use to get drunk and then girls had to drive you home and later you made out with them...?’
‘I usually got girls easier... you were the only one who was less approchable, more difficult to get.’
Lisa blushes a little. ‘Oh how flattering. I have always been difficult to get. Too much, sometimes.’
‘But you're not totally unapproachable... actually, I got you...’
Cuddy smiles slightly. ‘Yeah... I don't know... you were different from other guys.’
‘Explain the meaning of different.’
‘I had a relationship with you that I didn't have with anyone else. It was like love-hate all the time, even then we had sexual tension, and finally we... It was special although you were drunk.’
House chuckles. ‘That's very nice. But, why was it special?? I mean, making out with a drunk guy...’
She blushes. ‘It was... my first time.’
‘Oh... was it?? Well, you were... umm... eighteen?? Nineteen?? I didn't know I had such a responsibility.’
‘I was eighteen. A few days ago you didn't even remember, so you couldn't know that you were the first one.’
‘Yeah, that's right... Despite the fact I was drunk, did I behave well with you?? Wasn't I very... abrupt??’
‘You were very sweet. I thought you wanted that to happen long before it happened.’
‘I know I wasn't sweet with other girls... I preferred... you know... wild style. So I guess I was sweet just because it was you the person I was making out with.’
‘I wasn't like other girls? Why? We never had a very nice friendship, you annoyed me all the time, I annoyed you...’
‘I'm saying I was sweet with you in bed. Of course we were annoying each other at any time but, whereas I was wild with other girls, with you I was sweet. And I'm trying to find an explanation for that.’
‘Maybe you weren't wild with me because you felt something else that didn't feel for other girls and you never admited it. And you didn't remember anything so we never talked about it. It was special... and I think it was special for you too.’
House smiles at her. ‘I'm sure it was... But would you have allowed me to sleep with you?? If I were sober.’
‘I don't know what would have happened if you had been sober. I guess that I always thought that it would happen eventually... You wanted to sleep with me? Being sober I mean.’
He smiles. ‘Constantly hahaha. Didn't you see the words "Sex with Lisa now!!" written on my forehead?’
‘No, actually your forehead said "I love annoying Lisa."’ Cuddy smiles and looks up at him. ‘After that year, we didn't meet in a very long time, and I always thought you should know what happened, but next time we saw each other, when I was gonna tell you, you were dating Stacy.’
‘Uuhh... I see... Things have changed a lot since then. Did you ever think we were gonna end up like this??’
‘At all, you?’
‘Nope. And how do you think all this will end up??’
‘Hmmm I think that if we haven't kill each other until now this doesn't have to end bad.’ They both smile.

To be continued...

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