I was bored earlier and made up this House MD personality quiz...not sure how good it is, but I hope you enjoy it! (Answer key at bottom)

1. Your favorite type of patient is...
A: One that I don’t have to break bad news to.
B: One whose case lets me use my skills.
C: I don’t have to deal with patients, thank god.
D: One who won’t ask me too many questions about myself.
E: One who’s impressed by me.
F: One with some freakishly rare disease.
G: One that I can use the defibrillators on.
H: One that I can talk to.
I: One who won’t make fun of my height.

2. How many hair care products do you use?
A: Several, including dye.
B: Um, none?
C: A few.
D: I’m not too concerned with those things.
E: A ton; I just cleaned out the salon
F: Are you kidding me?
G: None; I tried a flat iron once and I got electrocuted.
H: A couple, just enough to look presentable.
I: I don’t have much hair...

3. What’s your relationship with your significant other like?
A: Pretty comfortable and satisfactory.
B: I’ve tried to have significant others but they’ve never liked me.
C: I don’t have one; I have no time for it.
D: I don’t get close enough to anyone for that.
E: Just fine.
F: Great, as long as I remember to pay them.
G: They flee from me.
H: Not good, I can never seem to hang onto them.
I: Frightening.

4. What’s your ideal date?
A: A romantic dinner.
B: Whatever can get me laid.
C: Dinner and a movie.
D: Really anything with a nice guy – or girl...
E: A sad movie to show her how sensitive I am.
F: Monster truck rally.
G: Shopping for electrical outlets.
H: An art gallery.
I: Anything where they don’t run away screaming.

5. If you were stranded on a desert island what’s the one thing you’d bring?
A: My diary.
B: Medical journal.
C: A good book.
D: My stacks of Playboys and Playgirls.
E: Shampoo.
F: A Gameboy.
G: My defibrillators.
H: TiVo with my Spanish soap operas.
I: Picture of spouse to sulk at.

6. What do patients generally think of you?
A: That I empathize with them and they can trust me
B: That I’m smart and competent, if a bit dull
C: That I’m a take-charge, well-rounded person.
D: That I’m sad and mysterious.
E: That I’m cute, if not too assertive.
F: That I’m an ass.
G: That I’m kind of dinky.
H: That I’m patient and they can confide in me.
I: They never notice me.

7. It’s a late night at the hospital and there’s an electrical shortage throughout the building. You:
A: Hide under a desk
B: Loot my coworkers’ offices.
C: Try to keep everyone calm while I find the source of the shortage.
D: Are rattled for a moment then collect myself.
E: Shriek like a girl, then try to play it cool.
F: Raid the pharmacy while no one can see me.
G: Caused the shortage.
H: Notice that SOMEONE has stolen my food while I couldn’t see...
I: Get trampled in all the confusion.

8. Who is your favorite author?
A: Nicholas Sparks.
B: John Grisham.
C: Charles Dickens.
D: Virginia Woolf.
E: Robin Cook.
F: Aleister Crowley.
G: Ray Bradbury.
H: Phillip Roth.
I: Erm, does Playboy count as a book?

9.What’s your favorite kind of pet?
A: Rabbit.
B: Iguana.
C: Cat.
D: Horse.
E: Golden retriever.
F: Lab rat.
G: Electric eel.
H: Dog.
I: Houseplant.

10. Your ideal Christmas present would be:
A: Engraved locket.
B: Grand Theft Auto.
C: A book by your favorite author.
D: Something impersonal, like a giftcard.
E: Hair care set from Trade Secret.
F: Pack of blank prescription pads with no expiration date.
G: Make your own robot kit.
H: Set of pre-written wedding vows for your next marriage.
I: A pocket protector.

11. How are you most likely to die?
A: Old age.
B: Rare disease contracted from patient.
C: Stress.
D: Genetic disorder.
E: Run over by bus while standing on street admiring yourself in the mirror.
F: Killed by patient whose wife you hit on.
G: Electrocuted while trying to make toast in the bathtub.
H: Annoyed to death by close friend.
I: Beaten by spouse with baseball bat.


Mostly A's: You are Dr. Cameron -- so sweet and understanding.

Mostly B's: You are Dr. Foreman -- yes, maybe you're not the most popular, but you KNOW you're awesome.

Mostly C's: You are Dr. Cuddy -- the glue that holds all these lunatics together!

Mostly D's: You are Number 13 -- such a mystery...

Mostly E's: You are Dr. Chase -- maybe you don't get much screentime, but look at that hair!

Mostly F's: You are Dr. House -- the grand poobah himself!

Mostly G's: You are Dr. Kutner -- get away from that outlet NOW.

Mostly H's: You are Dr. Wilson -- such a sweetheart and all around great friend.

Mostly I's: You are Dr. Taub -- tough luck.