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Scrubs Versus House OR Kids Versus Adults  BleedTheDream 0 1124 over a year ago
Podcast Reviews of ALL Episodes of House Season 7 Thus Far  BleedTheDream 0 853 over a year ago
is the info we watch in the episodes applicable to real life scenarios?  fieldghost 1 678 over a year ago
Sexist Quotes  vampersteen 3 3241 over a year ago
Let's vote for the "underdog"!  Houselovers 0 489 over a year ago
acrylic awards  tropy23 0 741 over a year ago
House MD Chat room is now live  papa 16 4518 over a year ago
Hugh Laurie raises money for cancer research  watterss 0 1615 over a year ago
Forum Hugh Laurie  alexia9494 0 495 over a year ago
Halloween Party!!!  lovepop 0 715 over a year ago
House Season Seven Episode 6 Review  BleedTheDream 0 304 over a year ago
look at this  huddygirl2 1 878 over a year ago
Countdown to 36,000 fans!!  SUPERGRL 155 4990 over a year ago
"UNPLANNED PARENTHOOD" discussion (SPOILERS!)  teardrop 7 1416 over a year ago
Shoot, marry, stab  greghouseismine 11 977 over a year ago
My Podcast Reviews of Season Seven of House  BleedTheDream 0 1221 over a year ago
Where is Thirteen?Any theories?  Mileylita 5 1678 over a year ago
House Md new icon and banner contest 2010(open)  lovehousemd_frv 22 2359 over a year ago
Huddy Brought Me BACK  HuddyUnites06 0 635 over a year ago
Holy Shit: Teamwork ...  crazy_S_ 0 537 over a year ago
Graphics Contest [Current Round: Forty-Seven]  mrshouse62689 1077 36622 over a year ago
Where can I buy House's tennis ball?!  ffilozoff 12 71750 over a year ago
House season 6 DVD and Blu-ray Bonus Features  burlthegirl 0 627 over a year ago
Love Song to Dr House  HotforHouse 0 717 over a year ago
lilltle Interview with Franka Potente about House-Hugh in a german magazine  JeLoX 1 1931 over a year ago
Writers and producers do you homework  sydstur 1 1098 over a year ago
What is 13's real name?  _lina_ 7 34566 over a year ago
Cuddy's daughter Rachel  marterdur 0 2818 over a year ago
HOUSE alum on TV  AreKay 0 461 over a year ago
Figurine Hugh Laurie  GolemCreation 2 3213 over a year ago
House has a Copy!)  Funnyroger 1 577 over a year ago
About House‘s clothes  bad-had 0 668 over a year ago
PIMP-A-SPOT! The Ultimate Spot Promotion!  misanthrope86 34 1767 over a year ago
Fan-Art Handmade Dr.House  l_champagne 0 3551 over a year ago
Need help with fic  LynnFox 0 321 over a year ago
Differential diagnosis  MD_DDX 9 3840 over a year ago
Last House episode!!!  Salvation_Girl 24 13149 over a year ago
I decied to house md funny picks  huddygirl2 1 351 over a year ago
Dr. Lawrence Kutner  aposcovsky 1 413 over a year ago
HELP ME discussion (SPOILERS)  teardrop 60 8856 over a year ago
Your favorite Huddy FF  Serienjunkie91 6 1603 over a year ago
theoryes for tte season's finale has spoiler's  huddygirl2 3 605 over a year ago
RPG searches:  RPGmoony 3 1199 over a year ago
HOUSE JUMPING THE SHARK? (spoilers)  teardrop 9 2296 over a year ago
Last House Fan Standing  Olivine 40 2104 over a year ago
6x19 'The Choice' Speculation Forum! (tiny, tiny spoilers)  misanthrope86 21 1774 over a year ago
Luddy: Likes/Dislikes..Let's hear it fans! (remember to show respect).  VictoriNoRisuu 13 997 over a year ago
SEASEON 6 SPOILERS  cudambercam13 2 615 over a year ago
Chirteen?  chirteen13 15 2622 over a year ago
house charmed connections  cudambercam13 3 2310 over a year ago
Things you will never hear on House MD  huddygirl2 3 615 over a year ago
Spoilers - photos  pietruszka 2 809 over a year ago
Be your favourite House characters:  RPGmoony 0 411 over a year ago
Just saw the Global Promo for "Locked In"  8canadiana8 0 719 over a year ago
I am so pissed [Cheating Pick]  eugee__93 17 1273 over a year ago
Houses LOCKDOWN Patient  LaurieLover 0 506 over a year ago
sucks  sexxiemogirl 4 815 over a year ago
Jennifer Morrison's new gig  annd 2 878 over a year ago
*+*+*THE GREAT HOUSE RATE of 2010*+*+*  misanthrope86 73 3150 over a year ago
a game about the upcoming House episode Lockdown [CLOSED 29/O3/2010]  lovedrchase 14 1314 over a year ago
House MD Role Play!  MrsBellaSwan 117 3261 over a year ago
House MD Roleplay!!  vampyrechick 2 1199 over a year ago
Convention?  missdrell83 4 548 over a year ago
Year One Role Playing!  MrsBellaSwan 3 448 over a year ago
Storymaker game thingy.  Freakshow 340 8903 over a year ago
Pretty freaking disappointed!!  HouseAddict87 19 1445 over a year ago
Midnyte007 presents "Oh no not another shipping contest"  midnyte007 84 3139 over a year ago
Spencer and possibly Laurie at Event in COSTA MESA!  SBaker1 0 681 over a year ago
Spencer and Possibly Laurie at Event in Costa Mesa!!  SBaker1 0 663 over a year ago
Fan art contest for Ship Month  huddysmacked 49 2559 over a year ago
Fanfiction ships contest!  Steve_McQueen64 34 2902 over a year ago
Where can i watch full episodes online?  Lindarose 1 969 over a year ago
Twitter House MD Olympics  HousefanPL 0 673 over a year ago
KISS-SLAP-HUG  KaterinoulaLove 177 6154 over a year ago
A Rant About Ship-Bashing Double-Standards  misanthrope86 18 1958 over a year ago
Favorite Episodes from each Season!  HouseAddict87 1 452 over a year ago
why i cant watch HOUSE  jczjozol 2 955 over a year ago
Favorite epis  crowdreamer 1 633 over a year ago
The Story of How We Came To Be  babybell 129 5201 over a year ago
PLAY POKER WITH JESSE SPENCER AND PETER JACOBSON!  HollywdKnights 0 1680 over a year ago
House in UK  widgetwilk 2 1135 over a year ago
The NEW...again...Caption Contest [Round 9]  x5mp1xp1nx22x 35 3103 over a year ago
Lisa E on Chelsea!  HuddyRox 0 565 over a year ago
#ObsessedWithOliviaWilde  chirteen13 0 746 over a year ago
#ObsessedWithOliviaWilde  chirteen13 0 436 over a year ago
HOUSE with FRY and LAURIE  AreKay 4 646 over a year ago
Why is Stacy the perfect woman for House:  eugee__93 14 1826 over a year ago
Cuddy has turned to the dark side. SPOILERS for Ignorance is Bliss  ohhmanhouse 6 803 over a year ago
Katie Jacobs slipped on spoilers!!! SPOILERS  cudambercam13 3 1855 over a year ago
OMG ! Is it true ? [Please Answer]  eugee__93 29 3028 over a year ago
PLEASE HELP! VERY URGENT!  teardrop 3 950 over a year ago
Jen leaving House?  cudambercam13 9 2398 over a year ago
I NEED A HELP!! -_________-  MrsWilde 2 784 over a year ago
HELP  kathleen951015 5 907 over a year ago
Getting to know people!!!!! :)  oldmovie 16 1502 over a year ago
The House MD Project  roysc 0 1108 over a year ago
I need your help AKA The Help Junior with her Project Contest  HouseJr 6 1217 over a year ago
News on House next airdate :DDD  Beatrix8520 2 1469 over a year ago
Vending Machine Game  Chameron-lvr 2 913 over a year ago
Cameron & House scene in Teamwork (SPOILERS FOR EP 6X08)  Bery 7 2526 over a year ago