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MORE SPOILERS!WTF?  amberRocks 9 219 over a year ago
~The House Fans Awards!~  PotterGal 563 8073 over a year ago
COMPUTER ILLITERATE!! AHHH!!!  x5mp1xp1nx22x 5 343 over a year ago
Dr. house's Ipod song  Reeker1234 4 2697 over a year ago
Who wil...*spoiler follows...*  amberRocks 50 791 over a year ago
suggestions on quiz questions  wazngirl 9 330 over a year ago
Diagnosis-otosis  x5mp1xp1nx22x 14 345 over a year ago
New People  oldmovie 48 724 over a year ago
Golden Globes Party!!!!!  Ellen-smile 123 1093 over a year ago
Sex!?!!!  Legenda 10 483 over a year ago
Hugh is up for a golden globe and SAG award, House M.D. is up for a golden globe and SAG award TOO!  x5mp1xp1nx22x 5 244 over a year ago
Love and don't lie!  amberRocks 811 14709 over a year ago
Moat popular spot  Legenda 8 206 over a year ago
ok,leave the caneys to the HLT  x5mp1xp1nx22x 9 495 over a year ago
SAG Awards  giggles 0 180 over a year ago
Props  kathleen951015 4 1081 over a year ago
For anyone interested...  amberRocks 1 194 over a year ago
About the Spot Banner ~~~ The Pick is UP guys! Vote Vote Vote! :)  PotterGal 68 1181 over a year ago
House fan poll worldwide  x5mp1xp1nx22x 0 149 over a year ago
PEOPLES CHOICE AWARDS PARTY!!!!!!!!!  HuddyCrazy1331 148 2512 over a year ago
Dr. House-the Economic Messiah?‏  orestek 5 212 over a year ago
I'M SO HAPPY!!!  amberRocks 5 425 over a year ago
Did the 2008 House convention actually happen?  RP_Puzzle 4 310 over a year ago
so very... ready to pull my brains out  kathleen951015 3 244 over a year ago
What would you like to see happen on the show?  sportzluva23 22 405 over a year ago
For all House fans  soundtrackfan 2 307 over a year ago
OMG I just found out...  midnyte007 23 502 over a year ago
If the new fellows left...  amberRocks 18 343 over a year ago
Stop the creepy pictures!  amberRocks 16 571 over a year ago
Who else thinks Cameron is annoying?  Crow_Girl1990 37 13421 over a year ago
Vote for hugh laurie!  Dentissa 0 383 over a year ago
Maureen Ryan's small spoilers from her Twitter for painless!  amberRocks 37 574 over a year ago
I just found out that...  TheHiddenCane 7 334 over a year ago
help  thirteen_times 1 212 over a year ago
Join!!!(Please!)  amberRocks 15 579 over a year ago
episode let them eat cake  giubicri 6 252 over a year ago
R.I.P 2!  amberRocks 55 1148 over a year ago
R.I.P  taviant 480 8065 over a year ago
Please  obsessedwithmd 11 328 over a year ago
I just realized something about Cuddy's adoption attempt in 'Joy'  oldmovie 5 2014 over a year ago
Help...  housefreak101 4 242 over a year ago
fanfic  Aggie_Babee 4 185 over a year ago
permission  wazngirl 2 293 over a year ago
Downloads  mrshouse62689 9 374 over a year ago
Episode Question  LLucaj 2 279 over a year ago
icon  wazngirl 4 167 over a year ago
House Episodes Question  butterfly97125 2 129 over a year ago
Thanxs!  amberRocks 5 225 over a year ago
Happy New Year!  blaukat 3 263 over a year ago
Hella Cool  mrshouse62689 7 125 over a year ago
MORPH PICKS!!! need ideas!!!!  wazngirl 32 828 over a year ago
House Pop-Ups  Sweet_Pants 2 142 over a year ago
VOTE!! VOTE!!! morphed pics  wazngirl 5 284 over a year ago
OMG! I have a new medal!  CathCuddy 3 199 over a year ago
help with clips!!!  wazngirl 8 228 over a year ago
Fanpop Houseism competition  pollyloveshouse 90 1864 over a year ago
OMG WTF I GOT MY HUDDY & HOUSE M.D. GREEN MEDAL AND I DIDN'T FREAKING REALIZE OMFG!!! -squee-  rainbowedlife 13 227 over a year ago
Sorry, Y'all !!!!!!  Aggie_Babee 18 434 over a year ago
-  amberRocks 44 863 over a year ago
I am amberRocks and I LOVE HUDDY!  amberRocks 41 1083 over a year ago
House's wish list!  amberRocks 21 319 over a year ago
The fans on this site.  Sheps88 4 582 over a year ago
XMAS PARTY!  kathleen951015 304 6130 over a year ago
Christmas  Anonimen 1 145 over a year ago
New years resolutions  pumpkinpie99 7 219 over a year ago
New prizes on the HOUSE quiz!!!!  yaz 5 182 over a year ago
Salemslot's Present!  amberRocks 15 610 over a year ago
Christmas hugs!  amberRocks 54 1271 over a year ago
Favorite Christmas Song?  Ellen-smile 18 507 over a year ago
TOP FIVE  huddymaniac 8 298 over a year ago
Oldmovie rocks!  amberRocks 14 342 over a year ago
New episode?  BenxLinus 3 309 over a year ago
cold agglutinin disease  PMcBrantley 1 451 over a year ago
I AM SO HAPPY!!!  miss_orange 34 727 over a year ago
Shout Outs!!!!  kakarot 1 434 over a year ago
Hugh Laurie SNL HELP :(  Jess___x 9 353 over a year ago
Countdown to 7000 fans (finished)  Biathine 1776 30072 over a year ago
House MD piano Theme  terzer 1 8955 over a year ago
Awesome House Reference. xDD  EverybodyLies 5 320 over a year ago
Favorite POTW  mrshouse62689 1 322 over a year ago
Word Association Game  mrshouse62689 3 213 over a year ago
Wanna forget about the EXAMS ?? :P  ApplePie1890 15 351 over a year ago
A CRY FOR HELP! USA FANPOPERS NEEDED!  amberRocks 6 201 over a year ago
A roleplay for me and my friend Houses_babe  obsessedwithmd 266 18703 over a year ago
Amber's Annual Memorial....  amberRocks 22 499 over a year ago
JTTW Discussion (Spoilers, obviously)  mrshouse62689 36 1355 over a year ago
House playlist  housefrk 7 354 over a year ago
Scrouse Spot  kathleen951015 1 138 over a year ago
failing  Maylaila_xoxo 7 221 over a year ago
The Song at the end of JTTW?  babybell 4 294 over a year ago
Alike/Different  mrshouse62689 12 281 over a year ago
They are gonna kill themelves in greys!  amberRocks 16 544 over a year ago
HOLIDAY PARTY!  kathleen951015 29 723 over a year ago
House fans, I have come to a conclusion.  EverybodyLies 45 1022 over a year ago
WEDDINGS!!!!!!! AND FAMILY!!!!!!!!!  ilurvedward 1015 17545 over a year ago
Season 5 IS good!  misanthrope86 56 1638 over a year ago
Spoiler for Christmas episode!UPDATED WITH CUDDY/??? SPOILER!  amberRocks 35 1082 over a year ago
Kathleen's fanfics  kathleen951015 1 130 over a year ago
So.. about House and the hooker  OhClip 17 1542 over a year ago
Weird question!  amberRocks 20 302 over a year ago