House M.D. When u were a newbie :D !

ApplePie1890 posted on Mar 01, 2009 at 06:06AM
Hey !! so i'm really interested to know when you joined fanpop( well the house md spot or any related club in this case) and why u did it. what made you think : OMG! i must be part of this !
and i think it could be fun to post here a link to where u FIRST EVER commented :D
that should bring old memories back :P
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over a year ago ApplePie1890 said…
so i'm gonna start :D :
one day in october,after watching birthmarks i think,i had just knew that cuddy was gonna adopt a baby named joy, so i went through the internet searching for Huddy kiss! and all the sites sucked until i found fanpop, and THE FIRST HUDDY KISS PIC !!! i kept flailing all arounf the place for like hours :P and i read ur comments guys and i was like : hey ! there is lots of nuts job just like me all around the world :P (hehehe i'm saying this with all the love in the world guys XDDD) and then i went as quickly as i can to join XD End of story. are u snoring yet ?? :P
First comment
and i thought i'll post this 2nd comment.heheheh

i just remember how ignorant i was when i first joined i was like : huh ?? i never knew what those ** were for, and all the squees nad the flails and the spasms :P THANK GOD I KNEW WHAT HUDDY MEANS *grins*
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over a year ago ApplePie1890 said…
hmmmm...11 views and no replies, seriously ppl are u lazy or what :P !!!
over a year ago house_amy2 said…
big smile
Lol AP!!!!
I remember when I first came here, to the House spot. I was confused because everybody was calling each other Mommy, Daddy, sister, Hubby... etc. I thought everybody here was actually related XDDD.

My first comment ( I had to go back pages and pages to find this XD)­/re­sul­ts/­156­199

I can't believe I only joined Fanpop in December, it feels like I've been here for ages....
over a year ago ApplePie1890 said…
hahahaha Amy XDD i forgot... that too confused me !! i really thought that babybell and PotterGal were married at first and then i was like WTH ????!!!! hehehe... ;)
over a year ago housecuddy4ever said…
I was on this site called 'Subeta'.I was looking through one of it's forums.I can't remember(lol when can I remember stuff?) the exact wording but.."There's this great site called Fanpop.You can join clubs of your favorite shows,etc." and I figured "Hmmm...well since Deb(She was like my partner in crime there.I miss her.) likes and agrees with what you can do there..why not check it out?" and when I came here..I searched for House and I saw all these fan arts and icons and photos and screencaps and I was like "Where do I sign up?" I never returned to 'Subeta' I got lost in this world.I feel like I've been here an eternity.

My first comment:

My first forum comment:

My first pick(LOL!):
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over a year ago ApplePie1890 said…
LMAO !!!! ur pick is awesome :DDD and it was funny to see the speculations for season 5 in that forum, i was like poor Mimika_s when la_nina said that there will be less chameron in season 5 !!
over a year ago babybell said…
big smile
" babybell and PotterGal were married at first and then i was like WTH" XD XD XD XD :D :D :D
i actually joined fanpop 'cause i was obsessed with Young Dracula and wanted to answer one pick before abandoning my account for months until i couldn't resist and HAD to talk about the most recent episode of Young Dracula :P (which is why it says "joined November 2007" << i never actually used my account properly till February 2008 :P) and i joined the house spot in around april......
over a year ago housefrk said…
I actually found fanpop over the summer while googling spoilers. My second home had previously been house-boards, and I still go there a lot. I finally joined in August. I remember it took me forever to figure out what XD, FTW, and OTP meant.

This is my first comment:­/re­sul­ts/­103­255

This is my first pick:­/re­sul­ts/­103­887

This is my first pick on a House related spot:­s/r­esu­lts­/10­390­8

This is my first pick on the House M.D. spot:­/re­sul­ts/­108­935

This is my first forum comment:­um/­pos­t/1­240­6

This is my first forum comment on a House related spot:­160­05#­com­men­ts

This is my first forum comment on the House M.D. spot­061­0/3­#co­mme­nts

It's funny that I joined this spot for House, the House M.D. spot was the first one I joined, but for a long time all I did there was look. Everything except my very first comment was somwwhere else. Actually, there were pages and pages of picks and forum comment between my first ones and my first ones on the House spot
over a year ago ApplePie1890 said…
LOLs for the forum with JOy press release :P i donno but it's so amusing going over our old reaction to the Huddy spoilers, or any major spoiler :P
over a year ago HouseJr said…
Ahh not lazy wifey just busy, I want all of you to keep this forum active till I can post my story XD
Love ya wifey *hugs*
over a year ago ApplePie1890 said…
Hubby !!! i miss u *hugs back* it's been long :D
don't worry i'll keep this forum as active as i can, even if it means to talk to myself :P can't wait for ur story..
Love ya *goes to bake some cookies for hubby to help her study* :P
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over a year ago oldmovie said…
Oh wow.........I'm such an oldie on Fanpop its ridiculous....1 year...jesus Christ!!!

Well when I first joined there were a lot of different people in the House MD spot and there were the House MD spot royalty, people like Tubby2002, misshamilton, missy (lol even back then) and cameos from people like knifewrench and dr.devience (how I even remember all of this is a little sad).

I've kind of seen the House MD grow into the one of the more popular and active spots in the entire of Fanpop and it is pretty cool.

Season 3 had just ended in the UK and upon discovering that season 4 was not supposed to air until the summer (at that point) I couldn't wait to know what was going to happen and therefore I began browsing the internet for episodes and I found Fanpop. I used Fanpop videos for a long time before joining, but on the side of the video there was always this pick that read,

Who should House be with? - THE ORIGINAL ONE may I add, and it always bugged me and I wanted to be a part of the vote for Huddy. So I joined and well its all history now.

My first comment ever (oh god......):
first comment

My first pick:
first pick

First article (is anybody cares lol):
first article
over a year ago pollyloveshouse said…
over a year ago ApplePie1890 said…
funner!! hahaha XD
wow OM..u r really ancient :P it felt like going through old dusty books from the roman empire when i was checking ur links !!!! hahaha :DDDDDDD
over a year ago oldmovie said…
hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm I don't see you posting your first comment PLH!!!!! *glares*

LOL AP! Well if my first stuff is from the roman empire it must be pretty damn important then ;)
over a year ago ApplePie1890 said…
hahahaha good point OM :D and yeah PLH even if u have ur own relegion now i'd like to see u post ur first comment :P
over a year ago pollyloveshouse said…
Yes well i have an article telling everyone how I'm a drug and booze addicted pedo with BO problems =P
over a year ago oldmovie said…
*whistles innocently* The people deserve to know the truth PLH!!!!!!
over a year ago ApplePie1890 said…
smirk english please ? =P
over a year ago huddysmacked said…
big smile
Well this is my first comment ever. So hi!!!!! I'm new I love HOUSE. And of course I love HUDDY!!!!! So yeah my first comment will be pathetic but... well... what can I do???
over a year ago ApplePie1890 said…
Hey huddysmacked :DDD welcome to the house md's cosy in here, and the people are awesome!!! :D and totally crazy!!! hehehe, so don't be freaked out about the family relations in here =P
over a year ago oldmovie said…
^^ LOL you're going to regret that in a year.....because future users wil be giving you crap about spelling mistakes *grumbles*

LOL sorry that was about me rather than you, you didn't make any mistakes.
over a year ago huddysmacked said…
Hahaha. I won't freak out, I'm nuts too. Hahaha and funner is a good word OM =)(just kidding). I remember once I wrote suckative. Yeah it was a suckative moment.
over a year ago housecuddy4ever said…
Now OM you're royalty.And that old farty Gramps of mine :P
And PG,Cami,and Cuddles.All royalty.
Me..I'm just a wannabe royalty.
over a year ago x5mp1xp1nx22x said…
big smile
o man...well i was bored at work one day...
and decided to look online for some HOUSE MD quizzes i could do
and fanpop came up. so i did it...and i joined.

that easy.

now im on here every day!
this is my favorite thing to do right now.

first thing i did...made ALOT of quiz questions
then just kinda moved on from there.