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sydstur posted on Aug 15, 2010 at 09:48AM
I have an extensive medical background and I love that house is for the most part realistic to some extent. What bugs me the most and is a constant distraction when I'm watching the show is the patient bed rales are never up. Safety is a major concern for all hospitals and medical facilities. Everyone that works in the health care field has had safety drilled in their heads. Leaving the bedside if a patient with the rales down is a definate no no. I have yet to see even a Nurse in the show put up the bed rales. The beds they use in the show are the actual hospital beds with four rales the top rales aren't even up. Please help me figure out how to get the message to the writers and/or producers to fix this.

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over a year ago XXwhy_meXX said…
you're right, I've just realized this.
well, you can tweet to one of the official producers to fix this.
that's the best plan I've come up with:P