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House of Anubis Fanfictions Fan fiction Article

My House Of Anubis Fanfiction Part 24

Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted over a year ago
fan of it?
(Dinning room)
Mara: just let her tell us Amber.
Amber: fine.
Victoria: (sigh) watch. (starts to take off disguise reviling she is Piper)
Nina: Piper?!
Piper: yep.
Mick: why are you here disguising as a different person?
Piper: long story.
Eddie: we're listening.
Piper: (sigh) well-
(King Author house: Jerome's room)
Anubis: (appears) have you find it Anew?
Jerome: no. But I think it's behind this door I found. But I need something to get through it. I was hopping you'll know what it is.
Anubis: huh?
(Jerome shows the picture of the engraving on the phone)
ANIBIS: that is an amulet of me.
Jerome: amulet? I think I know where to find it.
Anubis: good. (disappears)
(Drama Studio)
Nina: I can't believe it was Piper who took all our stuff.
Mara: me too.
Eddie: well now she's leaving.
Amber: yeah...
Mr. Sweet (intercom): Edison Sweet, Jerome Clark, Mick Cample. and Amber Millington. My office now!!
Mick: what's this all about?
(Mr. Sweet's office)
(Eddie, Jerome, Mick, and Amber enter)
Eddie: what is it dad?
Mr. Sweet: have you seem your grades you 4?
Amber: I don't care about my grades that much.
Mr. Sweet: well you should care. Your grades are all Fs. And if you don't get them up by graduation in 5 weeks, you'll all be held back.
Mick: I can't be held back. I'm going to be going to this awesome sports collage in America.
Mr. Sweet: well study very hard and you won't have to be held back.
Jerome: but-
Piper: (enters) Mr. Sweet- oh sorry.
Mr. Sweet: You 4 may leave.
(Jerome, Amber, Mick, and Eddie leaves)
Mr. Sweet: yes Piper?
Piper: I'll like in enroll in this school.
(Mara is by her locker when Jerome walks up)
Jerome: hey Mara.
Mara: hi Jerome.
Jerome: can you tooter me. Cause I have an F.
Mara: sure.
Jerome: thanks. (kisses Mara and Exits then Mick enters)
Mick: hey Mara.
Mara: hi Mick.
Mick: can you tooter me. Cause I have an F.
Mara: sure.…
Mick: thanks. (kisses Mara and Exits then Amber enters)
Amber: hey Mara.
Mara: hi Amber…
Amber: can you tooter me. Cause I have an F.
Mara sure.…
Amber: thanks. (Exits then Eddie enters)
Eddie: hey Mara.
Mara: hi Eddie…
Eddie: can you-
Mara: tooter you because you have an F? Sure. (exits)
Eddie: weird.
(Patricia walks past Eddie)
Eddie: Patricia! Wait!
Patricia: what is it slime ball?
Eddie: can we please get back together.
Patricia: why? I think you should go out with Joy.
Eddie: no. no. She likes me. I don't like her. Just please-
Patricia: fine.
Eddie: well that was faster than I thought.
Patricia: can I come back in Sibuna?
Eddie: don't ask me. Ask Nina.
Patricia: fine.
(Piper walks out of Mr. Sweet's office and see's Alfie)
Piper: Alfie! Good news.
Alfie: yeah?
Piper: I'm staying!
Alfie: yes!
(Amber enters over hearing conversation)
Piper: so.. I was wondering.
Alfie: yeah??
Piper: will you go out with me?
Alfie: totally!!
Piper: sweet!
(Amber turns around madly and runs into Mara)
Mara: so Amber. I will start with Jerome, who asked me first, then I will do Mick. Then you. Okay? I'll tooter you in 3 days.
Amber: yeah sure.
Mara: okay thank you. (exits).
(Anubis House: Foyer)
Trudy: Amber! Delivery!
Amber: (runs down stairs)
Trudy: here's your new edition of boys weekly. Is that Mick on the cover?
Amber: it sure is. (takes it and enters Mick and Alfie's room)
(Living room)
Mara: okay. So let's start with Math. Can you do this problem?
Jerome: sure.
Mick: Mara? Can I show you something in my room?
Mara: okay. Be right back Jerome.
(Mick and Mara exits)
(Jerome exits)
(Mick and Alfie's room)
Mara: what is it Mick?
Mick: look! I'm on the front cover!
Mara: cool- wait.
Mick: what?
Mara: flowers? A car ride? Now getting on the front cover? Did Amber put you up to this?
Mick: yeah.
Mara: that's how guys get Amber. Not Mara. The way you get Mara is by being sweet and this. (kiss Mick on the lips)
Mick: so that means we're back?
Mara: yep.
(Amber's, Nina's and Piper's room)
Jerome: (searching everywhere) where is it? Where is it? (finds a box under bed and opens it taking out the Anubis amulet) yes! Got it!
Nina: (from inside the hallway.) so your staying Piper?
Piper: (from inside the hallway) yep.
(Jerome runs and jumps out of the window just before Nina and Piper enter)
Nina: staying on the same bed?
Piper: yep. I hope.
Mara: Jerome? (gets text) Poppy called and said supper was ready. Tomorrow? Jerome. I guess.


Jerome: (enters and opens mommy sarcophagus)
(Nina, Amber, and Piper's room)
Amber: Nina. Nina!
Nina: what?!
Amber: the doll house.
Nina (awake): what?! (runs over the doll house and opens it and sees the wall being carved into a frog and she pills it off)
Amber: what does it say?
Nina: to turn the frog into human, it must be kisses by true love.
Amber: what does that mean?
Piper: what are you guys doing? And why was that doll house glowing?
(mommy sarcophagus tunnel)
Jerome: okay. (puts the Anubis amulet on the engraving and wall slides) yes! (enters and wall closes in on him) what the?!?! Oh no! HEELLLLP!!!
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